I lost the address box.

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While customizing the tool bars, I must have dragged off just the address box from the navigation toolbar. The search box is still there but the address of the site visited now does not show nor can an address be entered for navigation.
How to get it back? (Windows 7). If it is needed that the default settings have to be returned, would all the current bookmarks be lost?


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If the menu bar is hidden then press and hold the Alt key down, that should make the Menu bar appear. Then get to View > Toolbars> Customize window.

If you see the item in the Customize window then drag it back from the Customize window to the Navigation toolbar.

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The location area of the navigation bar was not on the options bar. It seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know where a duplicate might be available? If not, can just the one tool bar be reset to default or must they all be reset?
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Look harder.