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I have taken photos on my mobile phone before this, and my grandson has put them on my computer. I have now got more and would like to know how to do t my self please

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For those with a USB connection chord, go to my computer, or computer and search for the highest letter drive, that should be your phone, then just transfer the files over like any other. you may have to adjust where the pictures are stored on your phone before you transfer or connect.

For those without a USB connection, send a pic message to your email address and retrieve there as you would with any picture you get in your email.

For those with no USB connection and no way to send to email, send to a trusted friend who can do either or to help you out.
Thank you

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you go to the picture and go to options and then send. Send it to your email if you have one. And then click on the image and save it to your computer
I tried to send a photo to my e-mail but it said 'DNS error'. What do I do? I'm desperate to put photos on facebook.
I,m trying to transfer picturers from my mobile phone, LG Verizon to the computer. I have the adapter to do this, but it doesn,t work.
What if it doesn't work??? I send it to my e-mail but it said Mail something IDK.
I can get pictures from my PHONE memory onto my computer using my USB connection lead, but I cant get the pictures off my memory card :/ I wanted to ipload them to send to my cousin, as she is half way accross the world. I havent seen her in years, I tried sending an email, but it didn't work! I need to get them onto my computer!! And I tried sending a picture message, but it says 'the file is not supported for this use' :(
iNoe How 2 snd Dem....But Since iDnt Got iNternet On My Fone...iKan Snd Pikz Or Recieve dem.....Neither My Frnd And iDk How She Uploads Dem 2 Her Page.?!
use a usb lead pug them into ur phone
'' click '' photos and videos''
and the phones will be save on your computer
go on picnik '' website''
upload ur photo to were every and ur done
Hey! I hope this solves your problem once and for all! Here's a list of ways you can do it with simple instructions. Hope it helps!

So you can basically either:
-email it to yourself
-send it as a picture message to another phone with a good USB
-send it to your computer via Bluetooth (and no, you don't need a bluetooth to do that)
-use a memory card to put the stuff in your computer
-use your USB cord
-ask your grandson how HE did it

Merry Christmas! :)
I think the problem is using the USB cord..
You Have to have a USB cabel wire that connects to your phone and computer and thenwhen the wire is plugged in with the phone and computer something must come up saying that it is installing a device and then it will ask you to view files then you will be able to look at your photos and download them onto your laptop to see for the future.

For those of you who want to know how to send pics from cell phone to computer: send it to you email, like yahoo messenger then right click on the mouse and go to save as then go down to open and it will be saved in your pics file. It`s the easiest way other then having a memory card!
Well transfering photos to your Pc is real easy especially for those of you that has Samsung cellular phones.
SGH A737, and the touch Screen Samsung included.
What you need is a Data link cable if you have window VISTA.
Its APCBS10BBE hook it to where you plug your battery charger and the other end to your Pc.
No addition blue tooth is needed .Once you plug it in,you computer will recognize it.
Then a window will pop up.
Its call AUTO PLAY,it will display the type of phone you have.Example SGH A737
Inside of the box that say AUTO PLAY,there five small boxes to the left of box that represent difference applications.CLICK on the one in the middle with a CAMERA logo on it.It says TRANSFER using WINDOW.
CLICK on that.
Another window will open ,then click tranfer and all your pictures will be tranfer to your PC.
SO easy.
> boyo
i tired that but the auto is cominq up and the box but there is blank inside there are no choices
Yeah but my PC just charges my phonee :// no thing pops up anymore....
same, my phone chargers itself when I plug it into the PC and I want it to be able to put photos on and when I try to email it it doesnn't let me :L.
You don't have to have internet on your phone to send it to your email. you at lease have to have free texting or whatever. Instead of sending a message to a number, type in your email. It will not charge you.
if you have picture messaging just send it to your email. easy and works great. good luck!
i have a lexmark 4 in 1 and I have pictures taken in my phone and would like to print on printer on picture paper
if an icon pops up click on it and then see if it shows up

PC Suite for nearly all LG Phones
i have wifi to put to pics on to my pc and I have a email to send them to then go to my email to see them then download them on my pc
you can create a photobucket and the easy steps their will guide you. or either facebook or myspace offer this option
text message the picture and type your email address in where you normaly would type the phone number. Or use a cord that connects the cell to the computer ($10-$20)
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you can do it by using bluetooth,wireless, or your phone cable ...its so simple read this Article it will help you to to do what you want easily.. Click here
i cant get my pictures from my fone 2 da pc .....ive gt usb cord nd went on 2 my computer clicked on it notin happened.....i clicked everytin im supposed 2 do bt notin......
i want 2 upload my pics wthout a memory card...
plz help :L
and if anyone knows how to retrieve the pix once you plug your phone into the computer, let me know
You need a lead that you can plug into your phone and then into the computer
all you do is get your memory card from phone and stick it in the micro sd then put that into your computer
if you have an email use it. if u want to send pics all you do put ur email address in ur sending place and put a pic and ur readdy
you can take the picture u like and than send it in a picture message to ur e-mail and there should be a link in the e-mail that says: attached photo. Than click it and than click save or open and it will come up.