Firefox and IE Destroyed after virus. Help :( [Solved/Closed]

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Hello everyone, so let me explain how this happened, I got home from work one day and the g/f had accidentally downloaded a trio of trojan worms - Between a combination of msconfig, safe mode, and AVG I was successfully able to nullify the virus, it doesn't run anymore - This I am very confident of.

The problem is that Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer don't really function anymore, or I don't trust them enough to use them anymore. The problem is difficult to describe, but random elements of certain pages refuse to load. Sometimes entire pages do not load. Any sort've Flash interface seems to not function. It could be javascript also. Running Firefox in safe mode does nothing.

I figured a picture might help describe the problem more accurately, currently one of the most busted sites is Penny Arcade. Firefox and Internet Explorer both make the website look like this:

I also happen to have Google Chrome installed - and the strange thing is that Chrome works like a charm and was obviously unaffected by these viruses. What I want to know is there anyway of repairing my Firefox and IE back to a stable running condition? I mean - I could just use Chrome now, but i'd rather use the browser I enjoy using. I've already tried reinstalling both of these applications with 0 effect. Could this be caused by some sort've registry edit? Perhaps there is something else I can do to help discover exactly what is wrong with them? Any info you guys can give me on what I might be able to do to fix these two applications would be huge. Thanks. I know that it might not be either of them, there are tons of mini apps that get installed as you browse - things like javascript and flash and I worry that perhaps one of them is busted now, but if thats true then why does Chrome work?

Again - any help would be huge. Thanks guys.
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Thank you
Open IE and go to Tools/Internet Options/Connections/LAN Settings. I haven't had to do it this way but I'll assume they are the same. Hope it helps.

Thank you Shellipe 252

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Here is one solution and there are others

1. Download, unzip and run Godzilla Fix:

2. Download, install, update Malwarebyte and run a FULL (I insist FULL scan)

You may be required to reboot during the process.

3. After the scan delete the items found.

Now if none of you comeback to give me some feedback, my spirit will haunt you for etenity and I will cast a spell on your system. I'am serious.

I had the blank screen issue with Firefox and IE, but not Chrome or Safari, on Windows XP. With Kaspersky Internet Security previously turned on plus running Ad-Aware and a host of other "solutions", I just could not fix the problem. I'm so glad that I finally came across your post. YOUR SOLUTION of Godzilla Fix + Malwarebyte (Full Scan) worked like a dream. I can now use all web browsers. THANK YOU so much for your help!
lol the LAN settings thing worked:)
Yo Ambucias thank you so much for your post and solution =) awesome dude it really works ^^
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You are most welcome. Give to the next!
Thank you
I have had the same problem many times. I was able to remove the virus but repairing the damage, e.g., IE or Firefox will not open. I tried a host of things, namely, resetting IE but what I found today was that I went to the C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Connection Wizard\Run inetwiz.exe\select Connect Using LAN if you are on a Local Area Network, Check Auto Discovery of proxy server, uncheck manual proxy server if checked. Skip setting of email (optional). Hope this helps although you have connectivity, I had none.
Thousand thanks.. its amazing.. it fixed my issue.. Wow.. really happy now after struggling for hard..

thanks Shelipe I had the same issue after I removed the virus and the solution you provided worked.
It worked...thanks for the post
awesome!!! was about to give up. I am excited!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
You are a genius! I can echo the praise of the previous poster. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
Thank you
This was my first posting. I'm excited that your happy!! I also ran SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes then adaware to double check. Adaware came up clean. I then ran Security Task Manager to help identify potential threats. Also important to check and disable any unnecessary Add ons (IE/tools/manage add ons).
Disabling add-ons did the trick for IE and Firefox for me! Thank you!
This worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!
shellipe I love you ! god im so happy right now I couldnt play some of my online game cause of that and now everything is fine !
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sorry for takin ur tume Shellipe but ur not done just yet =P i'm havin the same problem but it seems like ur solution only works for XP, cuz i've tried following it to the letter but it ain't workin, oh yh forgot to mention i'm using Win7... and I have no access to IE8 nor Firefox seeing as how they both crash instantly so please any help wud work
had back against the wall at a financial client who had a huge virus spread across the network and I couldnt get them on I.E after I cleaned it up. God bless your soul
Thank you
I'm having the very same problem, but I'm running Windows Vista. And there doesn't seem to be a Connection Wizard subsection in the Internet Explorer folder. Any chance there is a different way to reset the proxy settings? Or maybe I have to do something completely different?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Thank you

I have a big big problem. I got a virus I suppose a trojan which I delected. but since that time I can't get to internet throuth firefox and Internet Explorer. Moreover msn messenger doesn't work. When I try to start those application a little window with a message say : "IE stopped working" "firefox stopped working" "msn messenger stopped working". when I start yahoo messenger it works fine but there is no messages when I try to start IE, firefox and msn messenger. google chrome works fine.

I need your help thanks :)

Configuration: Windows Vista
google chrome
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download lunascap6?
Thank you
Yo Shellipe! U Rock!!! I usually do not leave msgs on blogs. But you forced me to it dude... I had the System Security 2009 malware on my system. Took hours to remove it only to find that my browers (IE and Safari) did not work. Your fix has restored my IE brower... Will look for a similar solution for Safari.

Once again thanks a ton!!!
I also had a problem with System security and this has done the trick. Thanks man!
Thank you
I am so glad that I could help! Of course, I had two hands full of hair by the time I finally figured it out.
Shellipe, you are amazing! I also lost IE after removing a trojan virus. I am not very computer savy and your advice worked. I am so happy, thank you!
Thank you
go to the start menu (green Start button)/Run/type Cmd press enter. When the black cmd box opens, type ping If you see Reply from that means your ethernet card is transmitting and receiving packets.
Dusty K 2 Posts Thursday February 12, 2009Registration date February 14, 2009 Last seen - Feb 14, 2009 at 09:34 AM
Thank you
Tried to do a 'full' uninstall of both of them - but the problems still exist. Pages only half load or don't load at all and occassionally I get pushed to a different site.
Thank you
I thought I answered this a long time ago. Go to start menu, Run type cmd in the run box and when the black DOS screen opens, type ping If it says reply from then your ethernet card is working fine.
Thank you
thank you soooo much Shellipe!! I searched for hours to solve this issue and you were the only one to submit something that worked. My computer had many viruses and spyware on it, after cleaning those off I could not get online on IE. I tried EVERYTHING on other blogs/boards (including many TCP/IP fix software tools) and nothing would work. I even tried mannually reseting my TCI/IP and Winsock in CMD prompt. Once I cleaned off the DL32.exe virus I could not get back online..

Computer is clean now and finally back online..

Thanks again!
Thank you
Thank you so much Shellipe and everyone here that posted their problems/solutions. I have had the same issues that everyone else here seems to have had or are having (due to viruses) and spent the past week trying to get our work laptop back online and running smooth.

Thankfully enough the laptop is now finally running firefox/chrome/IE again.

Again many thanks to you all


Please Help - May 31, 2009 at 11:37 AM
Thank you
How do I do it on windows vista? my internet explorer and mozilla both do not open unless I put the computer in safe mode. I tries doing the LAN setting in safe mode but it does not work unless im doing it wrong. When I try to install certain programs in normal mode the computer just just turns off and restarts and goes to the screen where I can put it into to safe mode. Help
Shellipe > dubaku - Jun 17, 2009 at 10:36 AM
LOL. Too Funny.
Shellipe > dubaku - Jun 17, 2009 at 10:36 AM
LOL. Too Funny.
Hydrophis > Shellipe - Aug 14, 2009 at 01:15 AM
I have a similar issue, I run vista and IE works fine but Firefox displays nothing but a blank page and Google Chrome says that the Webpage is unavailable, I've run CCcleaner and ESET and they both resolved issues but none of which helped with this problem, its been this way a while and I really want THX in advance!
dizzygirl > Shellipe - Jan 14, 2010 at 10:29 PM
So I tried "For Windows Vista open IE/Tools/Internet Options/Connections/Lan Settings/Automatically Detect/Uncheck User Proxy Server" but still no luck, I've ran 4 different virus scanners and between the 4 of them it says everything is gone but my internet still keeping screwing up! Im going insane its been like this for a week, and of course I no nothing about computers except the basics HELP!!!!
Thank you
Bit different one.. but if you want to try then you can..

Go to your Installed IE folder.
..\Program Files\Internet Explorer
You will find iexplore.exe

What virus is looking for iexplore.exe and firefox.exe Kill them.
Dont allow the user to open.

Change the file name to any thing like My_Explore.exe.
Make shortcut of it on your desktop.
Simllarly do the same thing for firefox.
Open IE and Firefox now from this new shortcut.

Bit tidious one.. This solution is the best working solution till date. I know the code of virus but dont know where exactly it attacked. But I know what it is really doing to the process.
SHELLPE"SGROUPIE - May 3, 2010 at 11:46 AM
Thank you
Thank you
Hey guys,

I've been reading this forum and it's really helpful, but I have a somewhat different problem (maybe it isn't different?). I'm not that great with computers. Google Chrome and Mozilla stopped working after I uninstalled Norton 360 v computer got infected with trojans and what not afterwards. I used Vipre to get rid of the trojans and malware. Like you all, only IE works, and the others don't. The only thing is, I made the mistake of unistalling mozilla and google chrome, thinking that I could reinstall it. Now I can't download google chrome or mozilla from IE, it's not letting me. I also tried downloading a Norton removal tool thinking that I didn't remove it entirely or properly, but even IE didn't let me download the tool. I tried changing the proxy settings and what not, we're just stumped here. Any help would be really appreciated!
Thank you
Hi Shellpe

Nice to hear that you are a woman, I hope whoever has employed you is paying you mega bucks. After reading all the posts I also had to write for help. I just got home booted up my laptop went to the internet only to find that Mozilla firefox could not connect to the proxy server. I went into tools/options/network/settings and the radio button was on system detect so I changed it to auto detect did I do the right thing or have I got a virus somewhere lurkingto strike back at me? Also my laptop screen comes on very rarely usually it just has a blank white screen can you help a fellow female here?
Thank you
Check you DNS servers in TCP/IP settings.
Sounds like DNS hijack.
Make sure it's AUTO if DHCP or correct ones if static.
Thank you
Thank you so much for your help Shellipe! I was also running vista have been pulling my hair out for weeks trying to fix my IE. I was just about to give up and shell out hundreds to get someone to come fix it for me.

Thanks again!
Thank you
Didn't work for me!! I have IE and Vista,checked all the settings and they are as they should be,but still cannot connect through IE. Firefox works fine though?? Can anyone help? It's driving me MAD!!
It is possible that you did not removed all of the virus. Run Superantispyware, Malwarebytes and then Security Task Manager. Also your router may have configuration issues. Check with your IE provider after rerunning the removal tools. Check IE's tools/manage addons. Anything look unfamiliar, especially with a long series of numbers, disable it. It will ask if it is actually needed by a program. Go to registry, and check the run and run once under Local machine/software/microsoft/windows/current version (double click)/Run. Check the Run Hive for any unusual software (google it if you are not sure) and the run once hive for the same. Always back up registry first. Check the automatically detect settings again and make sure everything else is unchecked. In IE Tools/Internet Options/browsing history/settings/View Objects check for any unfamilair objects/ google them remove if found to be a potential threat. Security Task Manager is pretty good in identifying potential threats. Delete temporary internet files and clean all Temp folders (do a search). If I think of anything else, I will post. Good Luck..also, I have found that certain HP model laptops (If this applies) have a recall based on a hardware issue that prevents the computer from detecting wireless. Ping the loopback address to make sure your wireless device is working properly

I am sure you corrected this problem; however, if you haven't hears what I learned. After trying all the advice posted here nothing worked. Since I have alread complete clean my hard drive to get rid of the many trogan virus and reloaded Windows XP fresh, I still couldn't get online. After hours of searching I learned that the network adapter driver was missing. I did some research and learned that this is difficult to get unless you have the original driver disk that came with the system. Of course I have no ideal where they are so I am contacting a friend to see if they can help me. Hope this helps the next person.
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