BIOS Update Failure - HP G60-519WM

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An attempt to allow the HP software to update the BIOS on this laptop failed and the machine is completely non-functional; it has been to one computer shop, with no success.

The "three-finger salute" (PWR + Windows Key + 'B' key) to restore the BIOS from the restore partition yields no result.

HP have the following at their site (

"Recovering the BIOS using an external storage device

If the HP_TOOLS volume on your HDD has been deleted, a USB key with an HP_TOOLS volume can be used as an alternative. The key can be created manually or by using the HP UEFI BIOS Update SoftPAQ or the new HP UEFI Support Environment SoftPAQ and selecting the Create a USB key option. The USB key does not have to be bootable. However, this assumes the boot block is not corrupted in which case a repair is required.

To recover the BIOS on your notebook using the USB key:

1. Plug the notebook into an AC adapter.

2. Insert the USB key with HP_Tools installed into an available USB port.

3. Press the Power button while holding the Windows key and the B key.

4. The emergency recovery feature replaces the BIOS with the version on the USB key. The computer reboots automatically when the process is completed successfully.

You are now able to enter into the BIOS screens or Windows operating system after recovering the BIOS."

Unfortunately, these instructions appear to be incomplete; it is not clear to me where to put the actual BIOS one wises to install (i.e. in one of the folders of the USB drive created by the UEFI?). Also, with no BIOS present (and Windows therefore not able to run), will the machine even be able to allow the external USB drive to install a BIOS?

Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated; thanks in advance!

(Note: am trying to do this over the 'phone from 3,000 miles away by instructing someone with physical possession of the laptop while connected to their other computer remotely.)

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Does this Kioskea How-to of any help ?

Good luck