Computer Restarting Blank Screen HELP

miss_ub - May 10, 2008 at 09:40 AM
 chaz - Aug 22, 2010 at 05:06 PM I just bought a new computer and the power supply was hooked up wrong (according to the diagnostics I got from the store I bought it from) and they said it was fried. So I went out and purchased a new motherboard, and installed my hard drive, etc to the new motherboard. Now the same issue I had with the old computer, is happening to this computer. The computer keeps randomly restarting/turning off and sometimes when I turn it back on, it dosent do anything, and its as if nothing is coming through to the monitor. Im thinking it might be my power supply or fan which I am going to switch now, but does anyone know what could be causing this??? thanks

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I am having some similar problems.Initially I was not getting any connection from the cpu to the monitor quite a lot of times.Then it showd "bluee screen of death"symptoms,after startup,hanging badly and then the BSOD symptom.Now sometimes a black screen is shown after startup and everything hangs or boot screen hangs by itself or sometimes while booting my windows the screen hangs and stucks up there.Also during boot,the functional keys are not working.So I cannot check the hard disk.I have a dual boot system with suse and windows xp,where in suse by itself again some other problems are there like lan port disables by itself if suse is booted and even after reboot with windows,it doesnot work.
Is it any problem with the RAM?please help.urgent.I have work to do urgently in my computer.