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I recently bought the Canon 50D and am having problems now downloading RAW images into CS3. I've updated the drivers for Canon, and tried to update the driver for Adobe but it is asking me for my Serial Number to continue with the upgrade. The problem I have with that is my son through away the box! Now I have no serial number and can't process my RAW files! Can anyone help?

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I use CS4 on a Mac and had this problem. I downloaded Camera Raw update from Adobe website and it works fine.
thanks!!! all works
I had never had this problem until recently when traveling. The problem for me was downloading via cable connected to camera which wouldn't recognize the raw files. When I got home and used my card reader to download - No Problem.

- Download Camera RAW from Adobe and install it
- Copy Camera Raw.8bi file to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Plug-ins\File Formats

Good Lucks
It is amazing how helpful you all can be- and it is amazing that we have to rely on others to do Adobe's customer service support.
I can open the CR2 files in Photoshop but can't see the thumbnail in Bridge- it just says "CR2"
I have a MAC- I found "file formats" but there is no camera raw in it.
I tried copying the Camera Raw.8bi file to file formats folder and it is there, but still doesn't launch or do anything. I get a message that Photoshop doesn't support that type of file (I have CS3)
Any more help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
I have been researching this and can't find camera raw in my plug-ins folder, file formats folder, etc.
Thank you so much for the time you spend on these questions
the problem is as follow ... camera raw 4.0 and 5.0 have only a limited file formats recognized( beeing only the basic program) in order to read cr2 format (form canon 50d) all u have to do is update your camera raw (the update will add cr2 format and others) ... for this (to update photoshop and camera raw) open photoshop and go help >> updates
I have personally tried both for cs3 (camera raw 4.x) and cs4 (camera raw 5.x) and it works ... for relevancy I also own a canon 50d and shoot in cr2 .... good luck
Thank you so much for your tip. It worked. I can open all the images.
Thank you again.
The fact is that only Photoshop program to open CR2 files is CS5. Just go visit Adobe and read all about it
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This download of "SoftKey Revealer" might be able to recover your key from the PC. It's worth a try:

I this works please return to the forum and mark this item as solved.

Good Luck
I'm having the same issue with my new Canon 50d and I downloaded the softkey revealer and that didn't find the key to photoshop. I tried downloading the images on a friends computer who has a mac and iPhoto as well as the new photoshop and the images still don't come up. Someone please help!
The software that comes with your Canon 50D (Digital Photo Pro) has a "transfer to Photoshop" in the Tools menu
Perfect! I updated my Photoshop and now my image will open in Photoshop. Thank you guys so much for the help.
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