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im faceing a problem in removable disk often im getting message windows script error c/windows /system 32vbs please help me


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Jan 30, 2013 at 01:11 AM
I have a very good experience of writing VBS, VB6 and C Viruses.

It's VERY clear from your question that your Computer was infected with possibly a VBScript Virus(which was named "system32.vbs") and the Virus is somehow deleted and the Windows OS can't find the Script Virus to run it when it's getting a command to do so*.

End the Process called "cscript.exe" or "wscript.exe" from the Task Manager (if it's running). It's very unlikely that you'll find it running though as your message suggests that the Virus is already not running/not present in the drive.

> c/windows /system 32vbs
This is NOT the Exact Message that showed up, give the Exact Error Message that you got.
Anyway, it suggests that your Windows OS can't find a Script File(possibly a VBScript Virus) located in your Windows Folder(C:\Windows).

If you get the Error Message when you click(try to open) the Removable Device(Pendrive), do this:
Click Start -> Run(Windows XP)
Type CMD
If your Pendrive's Path is suppose X: drive. Type:
attrib -r -s -h X:\*.inf

del X:\*.inf

What it does is, deletes Autorun.inf(including any and all files with .inf file extension) file from your Pendrive(which is used by Virus to run itself)*.

If the Virus/it's drive infection(spreading) module is running, you might find that it appears(is created) again -- if you find so, be sure, the Virus created it after you deleted it.

Create a new Folder called "Autorun.inf" in your Pendrive, this prevents the Virus from creating the file with the same name, thus, avoiding the same infection later on.

Now eject the Pendrive and insert it again, the Error will not pop-up again.

If you are getting it during the PC Bootup, your will have to remove what is called "Startup Registry Key", this is used by the Virus to run itself when the Computer starts/restarts or when the User logs in.

Reply if you want more info for removing the "Registry Key" too or if deleting the "Autorun.inf" file does not help.
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Jan 29, 2013 at 11:43 PM
Hi kerthi,

A few more details will help me find a fix for the problem. Please reply with the exact text of the error message. Also, when you get this error? Is it when you open the removable disc or when you try to open any file or program?

Please do write back to us.