No Audio, No Sound Device; yet device enabled

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I have a 2003 Dell Latitude C600/C500, it has XP Professional on it. It plays system sounds, but no other sounds. When I open the audio properties, it shows no sound device and the boxes are all greyed out, I can't change anything. I can't open the volume control because it tells me I have no sound devices and need to install them. I've tried without success. I followed the troubleshooter, the sound device is enabled in the device manager, and the troubleshooter then tells me to check if it is set as my sound device, and if not, to change it. The problem is, I can't change anything because it is all greyed out.

I've followed the troubleshooter, I've restarted and restarted. Once in a blue moon it works, but I have no idea what I did when it does. I've racked my brain, and tried every resource available in my comp. I googled the problem, and the only guy I found who had the exact same problem with the same system and computer never got his answer (like 2 years ago). Everything else I've read for other systems but tried anyway, didn't work. :-(

Thank you SO much if you can fix this!

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i just figured it out after reading 500 posts. Delete the "microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibilty Driver" under 'sound,video,game controllers. But you have the see the hidden components by going to Start, Run, type CMD then type: "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" then type "devmgmt.msc" and click View|show hidden devices. I rebooted and now I have the device in "sounds and audio devices" and my sound finally works!
Hi! Did you recently uninstall BearShare or other programs like it? Try Uninstalling the Device and Re installing it again. Here's how:

Start Button

RIGHT click "My Computer"

Properties then the "Hardware" tab

Device Manager

Go down and expand [+] the Sound, video and game

If there's a yellow question mark(?) in one of the devices, RIGHT click on it and then "Uninstall" You'll get it back, don't worry.

Click Start again

Control Panel

Add Hardware. This will find the device you just uninstalled. Click on the one you JUST deleted and then Next.

It should be re-installed now. Go back to your Control Panel and then Sound and Audio. Play around with the speaker settings and see if that helped you....

Alternatively, you can use System Restore to restore your computer settings to a certain day, maybe the day before you installed a certain program which deleted your sound settings...?

Best of luck!
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Hello, you just have to uninstall your audio driver and re install it again! you will be able to download the drivers on the dell support website!