Internet Browsers' Sounds Not Working.

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I am on my Asus and have had this laptop for quite a while, Windows 7 i3.
Up until today my laptop was fine, I can listen to anything on any browser just fine. Specifically I decided to watch videos today on youtube. But none of the sound was working. I began seeing if it was just youtube but google had a doodle today with sound, i realize it was that too. So I am assuming it was just Google Chrome, but it was also Safari, IE, Mozzilla as well. So the Symptoms were, like most other posts:

*Sounds not working, IN ALL BROWSERS.
*Exceptions, occasional videos after many refreshes work, then after playing it again doesn't work.
*Also when I do get a video to work out of MULTIPLE REFRESHES AND VIDEOS buffering playing soundless, the sound still does not work.
****Note this is like the other forum situation. I have tried as much as I can, the missing.reg idea doesn't seem to work. the RESET IE worked slightly, having allow me play one video in IE, but like i said, as I tried multiple videos it just shuts off ALL BROWSER SOUNDS. I see this has been a problem for years and hope someone can fix this.

*** Also note, I tried missing.reg, reseting IE, of course my volumes are all fullblast as well, and etc.
*** As with anyone else, this is just in browsers, skype was fine, league of legends games etc. was fine, as well as other media players.

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Try this 1

Click on the below hyperlink "Audio" and follow the instructions.


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I have tried most. will try rest tomorrow and leave a note. :) mm well here is the situation as of now. video works in chrome, one video not multiple. same situation. if you play one video pause the other. both sound shut off or one doesn't work vice versa. mozilla seems to lakck sound still and IE has the same situation as chrome.