Inspiron 1440 System Restore

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Hello, I have Dell Inspiron 1440 and would like to Restore to the factory settings. Ive looked at the How-to's on this site and have tried everything I can. The only thing that seems to partially work is pressing and holed F8 during the boot up stage that the Dell logo appears. It brings up the Advanced Booting options like it's supposed to. I enter Repair your Computer. Many sources such as states that a language menu appears and prompts you to enter a defualt language, but it doesnt for me. It goes directly to the login screen. But the only options available to me is the icon that say "Other Users" I attempt to login with my Administrative account but the message that states "The specified Domain either does not exist or could not be contacted."
My laptop is virused to a point where I can't even boot it in Safe Mode. The moment I select an option to boot, it blue-screens and turns off. The only way I can put this message here is my phone. I have all my original discs but have no idea how to utilize them since the system doesnt even start properly any more. Plus I dont have enough money to have it analyzed and diagnosed by technicians. Please help!!!

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May 24, 2013 at 10:51 AM
Hi swanner417,

No need to worry, I will try to assist you in installing the Operating System afresh with the Discs that you have. Please note that after installing the Operating System afresh, you will lose any important documents, files, media, etc. saved to your Hard Disk. So it is recommended that if your computer allows you, please backup any important data on the Hard Drive. Once you have ensured that the important data has been backed up, please reply with the following details:

1. As Inspiron 1440 was shipped with one of these operating systems: Windows Vista, Ubuntu and Windows 7, I would like to know your computer has which one of these.
2. What are the discs that you have with you? Do you have the Operating System Disc and Drivers Discs or any other discs?
3. Run Dell 32-bit Diagnostics to eliminate the possibility of any Hardware Failure. Click here to find steps on how to run Dell 32-bit Diagnostics. If the Diagnostics returns any error code(s), please add the same in your reply.

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