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I came across this site in my attempt to find a cure for my laptop problem, I sincerely hope that someone can help me, so here goes, I apologise before posting for my lack of technical knowledge, well here goes
Laptop is 3 months old, this evening the cursor froze, then PC turned off, I was able to start again but PC closed down. I removed battery several times, cursor still frozen, removed battery and used mains power, still same problem.
On restarts Toshiba showed Toshiba repairing, 7% it closed down, 14% it closed down, 25% closed down, finally 100% completed then Windows commenced a reset of my computer system---------- finally it all came back, whoops, cursor frozen again, do I contact Toshiba or bin it. I hope someone can understand my problem----
From a young at heart pensioner trying to keep with modern day techno.
Thanking you in anticipation of a result to my query,thank you Saabmaniow
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Thank you
Hi Shingapi, thank you for the quick reply, since posting last night I continued to view other postings concerning "frozen cursor's", well I tried pressing F5 and the cursor popped back into life, since then things appear to have sorted themselves out,although the cursor has frozen on the odd occasion so I have pressed F5--------- if it continues over the next few days I will indeed contact Toshiba.My old Toshiba satellite continues to work as it did when I purchased 4 years ago, again thank you.

Thank you, saabmaniow 3

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Windows 8 and up - Nov 16, 2015 at 11:01 AM
Restart the pc holding shift down and go through the troubleshoot to enable your safe mode.
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Thank you

Try this 1

1) When you switch ON your laptop, start tapping the "F8" key to get "Startup

Settings" options ( if boot menu appears, press "Esc" key and keep tapping the

F8 key)

2) When "Startup Settings" appears as shown in the below image

Startup Settings

Select the option "Safe Mode" by pressing the number key "4" and follow the

onscreen instructions. Let us know if you are able to boot into safe mode and

also able to use the laptop without frozen cursor.

Good Luck.
Have the lab top on?
Shift F5 fixed my issue, thank you for the tip.
How do I get passed the administrative pass code which I don't know can you help of with this please.?
How do I get passed the administrative pass code if I don't know it please please help of out with this.
Hey jack4rall many thanks. It soved my pb:-)
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Thank you
Contact Toshiba would be a safe action if you are still under warrantee