Toshiba L675-S108 MotherBoard

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I was asked to fix the above mentioned laptop, and when I got it, no power with battery, or without battery, although Battery would be evidnet by lights when plugged into wall. Ordered New Motherboard. Replaced said motherboard in a safe enviroment. No issues, Now when I boot it up, It will stay stable for as long as the fan does not spin on high. as soon as the fan spins up, it powers down and no pow. I swapped fan, and removed all componants beside keyboard and touchpad. Still no boot beyond fan turning on.

I can get into BIOS. When manipulating bios, if fan kicks on it crashes. I can tel it to load into windows recovery, it will spin the disk and start loading windows(it gets to diferent areas of loading, ), but as soon as fan kicks in it goes down. I downloaded new bios for the board, and made into cd, changed the bios to load from cd, it boots up and starts the linuxsys, and will once agin get to different areas of loading, then as soon as fan hits, goes down, Once again, it doesn matter what fan. I put the "bad" fan into my other toshiba ( i know, bad idea, but I dont think the fan is bad, and it works fine, that machine runs fine with it in.)

Please any direction is appreciated. Understand, I know what half-split is, and have been t-shooting various hardware from NEXRAD to PC for over 20 years, just no laptop xp, so please do not delay any answers with questions, please. If ou know laptops, then tell me what I am missing.

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