"Line in" on Acer Aspire Laptop [Solved/Closed]

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I have a Casio Celviano Digital Piano (AP500) and want to record from it onto my laptop.
I tried recording with the inbuilt microphone on the Laptop but the sound quality was totally unacceptable.
On the Laptop I switched audio inputs from the microphone to the stereo mix.
I downloaded the relevant USB MIDI driver from Casio and installed it, but cannot get a connection to the laptop.
I have tried to directly connect from the Line Out of the piano to the Line In on the laptop and cannot get a connection.
Obviously, I'm doing something wrong - can anyone help, please
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Thank you
Many thanks for your excellent advice - I've managed to make the connection and do some necessary editing as well.
Thanks again for such a prompt response

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Good Afternoon!

You need a peice of software, like a DAW digital audio workstation, to capture the MIDI signals.

Try this one, it is very powerful, and has a trial.