My ipod wont turn on, i donot know what to do

 dude -
why is it, when i try and turn my ipod on, a screen with comes up, and then it turns its self off? what do i do, ive been on that web adress and didnt find any answaers.
please help

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I had this same issue with my daughters ipod. Everything I read didn't help. Hers was saying 'Windows can't recognise the usb device, it has malfunctioned'.
I tried the 'Hold down On/Off and the Home key at the same time' didn't work.
I tried the 'Hold down the Home key while plugging into computer' didn't work.

This is what I did to get hers going again, after trying everything else for days.

1. Start itunes.
2. Plug ipod into computer (you will get the usb has malfuntioned balloon come up, just ignore this everytime it somes up)
3. Hold down the On/Off key and the Home key at the same time
After 10 seconds release the On/Off key, but KEEP HOLDING the Home key down
(it takes about 20 seconds or more)
4. itunes then recognised the ipod and let me restore it to the original settings

I really hope this helps someone as I was so frustrated that all the options that worked for everyone else wouldn't work for me.
Good Luck.
thank you thank you thank you my ipod just started working with the itunes plugin sigh on it really works
Try pressing the center button and the menu button at the same time until it resets.
my froze on music and the home button will not work or turn of . this happened to my brother
mut his was fixed by pluging it in but that has not worked for me but its worth trying
> court
thank u! i pressed the center button and menu button at the same time and it worked!!!! thank u!
> court
it worked:P and its fully charged YaY!
Help i have my friends ipod here and the screen is black and i tried holding the center button and the menu button for a long time and it sill wont work HELP!!!!!
Sorry for the caps lock, it always pisses me off to have to read through 5 pages of annoying people going "hey me too" to get any relevant information. Any way:
This is usually caused by the Ipod not recognizing the hard drive. Your hard drive is most likely broken. Go to, look up your ipod model in repair guides, and follow the steps to stick a new one in. Or, you can try the dropping method, which involves dropping from a certain height, you'll have to look it up since it might just fix sad face, not the url. But if you use this, it is by no means stable and your hard drive will most likely break again soon, so BACK UP YOUR MUSIC. Or, if you are too lazy to fix it and the drop method wont work, you'll either have to send it in or try to find a local, cheaper repairman. Try craigslist.