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Wednesday October 17, 2012
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October 17, 2012
OK so I have a email account but I cant figure out what the server type is and my internet doesnt work so well, so I'm trying to use outlook but it doesn't work

help please help!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guys, just FYI, after recently upgrading to an server, you can get free IMAP access to (i've got it working right now), using IMAP settings:

Use (or as your username, and
# Incoming mail (IMAP) server address:
# Outgoing mail (SMTP) server address:; port: 587

Good luck!
Thank you

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u are awsome that aol thing worked awsome ive spent 2 hrs on my iphone trying to get incoming email and then saw u said to link it under aol account and it worked in 5 secs THANX ALOT!!!
thank you si much app
thank u so much!

i let my account expire because I figured in this time and age it really is not necessary to pay for mail, and after sending my new address to anyone and everybody I found out I had to purchase an account after all if I was gonna use it on my iphone. so, thank you again!
YEAH !!! Thank you
Hi I have outlook 2007 and I can recieve emails but not send them or forward them. please help thanks is powered by AOL. So if your trying to add a account to you Iphone. When you get to the add email account, you'll click AOL and type in the details as normal, and it will work. I have two accounts on my IPhone.
I've been having the same problem since changed to AOL. All this week I have been unable to properly access using Apple Mail. I have tried many different POP variations of settings to get my account working again, in the end I have settled for using the IMAP server.

I have finally found the settings that allow me to send and recieve emails using Apple Mail. These settings work reliably for me giving no errors in sending or recceiving.

I hope this helps:

Account: IMAP

Incoming mail server

Hose name:
username: Enter your full email address (for example: '')
password: yourpassword
SSL: on
Authentication: password
Server port: 993

outgoing mail server

host name:
username: Enter your full email address (for example: '')
password: yourpassword
SSL: on
Authentication: password
Server port 587
MAIL.COM SURE LOOK LIKE JERKS, because if you go to their SETTINGS page, they tell you to put and for POP3 download, but IT DOES NOT WORK! You have to put and for POP to WORK, so these guys are just causing problems for us unneccessarily!!!
They don't even LOOL like jerks, they just ARE!! No reply after almost 3 days while being a premium member, wondering what the hell i'm paying for. Webmail works fine (use your full emailaddress), but they sure messed up the pop and smtp servers.

@Genius: you can access With what username configuration then, because mine won't accept any!
Yeah... I have had the same issue.. No Webmail access, no pop3 access and no reply today for the issue either and i'm a premium member! me thinks I'm going to take this further now as it's not acceptable in my opionion
I have the same problem. No access anymore from my Iphone (POP3).

Outlook works since 4 hours again (had been off for 2 days).

Don't understand why Iphone 3.1 has no access to receive msg (only sending emails are ok).

Have reported the problem this morning but no reply yet.
I'm able to access Emails from the WEB since Monday morning. Even with outlook it ok. But Iphone access can't receive any emails at all. Always error on server. What's going on here? Does stop sending emails to Iphone pop3 ???
Genius,you lived up to ur name! many thanks now I have the settings I can set up mywindows mail after 12months of frustration! THANK YOU! x

AOL tends to use IMAP for security purposes. Here are the settings I was able to use.

Port: 143
TLS Enabled
AUTH Plain
Username: Full Email address

Port: 587
TLS Enabled
AUTH Login
Username: fullemail address

THIS WORKED WITH ALT DOMAIN NAMES. i.e. My email address ends with So I used successfully with IMAP to send and receive emails.

It is imperative that your email client work with IMAP as most default to POP3. If you having troubles, consider this.
Thanks Finally and Aschb

Tried the IMAP, with Finally's setting suggestions (and plenty of others) and it STILL does not work.

I don't know if this is as I am not using an iphone but laptop with Outlook 2007, but still. Seems some others are having luck with this though - just not me.

(sigh). Anyone with other suggestions that work for them, please shout. Again I am a paying customer of Mail Plus with the domain name.

Cheers - B
if any one of you have the solution for theproblem please do post it I eagrly want the incoming and outgoing mail servers for email account on

# Mail Settings

The email service allows you to use POP3 and SMTP servers for accessing your mailbox. Mail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) - (port 110)

Outgoing Mail Server - use your local ISP SMTP mail server
hey I got it all working...just try this one for

Incoming mail (IMAP) server address:
Outgoing mail (SMTP) server address:; port: 587

Gud luck....
Thank you!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!

You Are THE B E S T ! ! ! !
Well for Apple users to create mail connection with is a real challenge. I have tried several days without success :( and dont bother contacting support , they have created a smart support service desk, that most probably redirect all requests concerning set-up flies to trash bin (I have never received reply from them) . My suggestion would be to contact Apple Genius Bar in USA. We unfortunately do not have that in DK so … not too much help from that side. If any one will be able at the end to create set-up would be very nice to hear from you …. nice and happy waiting time for Christmas celepration :) !!!!
Just got my outlook working with these settings:-
Then, in "More settings", on the Outgoing server tab, make sure the "My outgoing server (SMP) requires authentication" flag and the "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" flags are set ON.
I just used default ports (Incoming 110 / Outgoing 25) on the "Advanced" tab.
thnx dude !!! it worked
I see that the post related to this topic is at least 2 years now, it's better to have an update setting for 2012.

I have encountered similiar setup problem after my iPhone4s was cleared off. What I did was to setup as <Other> instead of <AOL>.

Setting is

Hostname :
User Name : <username>
Password : *******

Hostname :
User Name : <username>
Password : *******
Use SSL : *ON
Server Port : 587
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Wednesday October 17, 2012
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October 17, 2012

the problem is there is no server ssl and port option for ipad...
I had everything setup on come for the last few months and working fine, however today I checked my mail and now all my emails disappeared and the outgoing server doesn't work. Is anyone else having problems with the outgoing mail server? Or any other problems today? I got an email yesteraday saying the conversion is complete from the old to the new have really messed-up the current upgrade but I've been with them for years and it's always been great and although POP3 is $20 pa you get great email addresses. I'm sticking with them.

It seems that sending emails changes from port 25 to port 587 - this is not as simple as it sounds and you need to change settings in your email manager (which they tell you about) but probably also in firewalls and router (which you have to work out for yourself). POP3 and SMTP can be set up OK. The instructions they gave worked fine for me.
Set up in Outlook...
POP3 -, port 110
SMTP - port 587
I also made the other following changes....
XP Security Centre from Control Panel - added port 587 as allowable
McAfee - added port 587 as allowable
Router - from home page - added port 587 as allowable

and Outbox empties !
Hey Guys,
I had the working for a few hours and now its not working anymore. I have tried,,, Nothing seems to working I have tried everything on the iphone and no luck. support dont even reply back. im running a business off this email and unable to do anything due to this problem. Any suggestions on a new email that is reliable.
As temporary solution I have started on Iphone (Safari). Typed user and password.

Now is displayed in Iphone like format. You can change the setting under "Settings".

I save the page as Homepage-Icon on the Iphone.

Now all Mails are available.

Sending Email is more complicated since I have no adress book available in the application. There seems to be a conversion program to convert outlook adr for the adress book.

I see this a temp solution for this horrible problem. switched to servers. On iPhone - Add New Account, select Aol, input your account info and there you go IMAP access works perfect.
I'm in the same position as Val,
My emails stopped working on my iphone a few days ago, after their 'upgrade'.
It was set on and, for incoming and outgoing respectively.
After looking on this forum I tried and, and and and, with variations of port 587 and the default 110 - none of these configurations work on my iphone.
I can see my emails via the internet, and interestingly I am still able to recieve emails via outlook, or rather microsoft live mail, which is more or less like outlook - and this was something I set up about a year ago, and it is still using the old and configuration, even though themselves have posted different pop settings on their website, my emails are still coming through this successfully.
So now I am totally confused, I have sent an email to, but to expect a reply soon or even ever is wishful thinking, so I thought I'd post a message on this forum and share my woes, and hoping that someone may discover a way.
Thanks for reading.
> Markus
I use the same format in Outlook and Iphone. Worked since years.

Now it works still with Outlook and a programm called POPTRAY 3.2.

But Iphone with same options are dead for now.
> aschb
Ok, just for my rest of mind. Do you use a name "mailname(at)" or the odd version including hash and colons?
> Markus
I use the odd version with hash and colons (since INAME changed to MAIL.COM)
> aschb
ok, thanks. What is INAME in this context?
I have tried to read the setting instructions online (under help) where they point to etc. I think all of that is just a red herring. If many of you get uotlook working, it simply does not make sente that the iPhone does not work. It sounds crazy that this was not tested before the upgrade. If we are lucky they simply missed this when setting up the servers. Soneone said that not even outlook worked initially, so maybe they are correcting the various problems as we speak. (maybe I'm too optimistic)
> Markus was the former mail provider (some 10 years ago where I opted to go for a provider). Later the moved it to

You are correct. Sunday/Monday not even Outlook worked. Now it's ok (except about for 1 hour this morning with the same problem when receiving mails).

I assume sending mails with Iphone is working for you, too.

I just don't understand why it doesn't work on Iphones as POP3.
As you see I use "" simular to "" and use and it works since I changed the parameter.
Hi. I know for a fact that only offers pop3 mail (outlook express, windows mail ect.) to peple who have a paid upgrade or subscription. Try They offer pop3 access with their free account.
I've got the exact same problems, haven't been able to recieve any emails into my thunderbird or outlook express. I can use webmail just fine, but that's rather inconvenient.
About iPhone email. Just go to the iPhone settings and ask to add an AOL account. Then use your regular email address when it asks for an address. It will figure out the rest for you.
Thx. That's exactly what I did.
Initially I received emails. No more anymore. error
Sending emails: error Senders address is in error

AOL Account Info
Name: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Password: nnnnnnnnnn
Description: AOL

Server for outgoing emails: (that's all to enter)

Receiving emails:

ID password (I tried MD5, too)
Si, you're the best!

Thanks a lot!

/Hilda from Sweden
i got the same problem

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