Dell Inspiron MINI 10 Blank screen

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HI there,

My Dell Inspiron MINI10 was working well 10 mins before this happened. I opened it because I wanted to clean it up thoroughly. I loaded this youtube video ( to see how to do it, and did it without a problem...

MY PROBLEM. After cleaning the plastic pieces, etc. I assembled it again, turned it on, and the screen was dead !! no background light nor anything. Only the bottom left lights that indicate Power and HD activity were working, but nothing else. Actually the PC was quiet, as if not a lot of programs were loading, but I suspected this was because I was never able to open Windows (7).

I disassembled it again just to make sure that all the connectors were in place and tight... and they were...

Other blogs suggest connecting the MINI to an external monitor just to make sure that the software is indeed working, but I do not have one, so I have assumed that Windows is loading up, even though I cannot see anything.

How can that be? I did not take apart all the inside pieces, but the largest ones only (HD, RAM, and a second inner plastic cover... nothing else), and only removed 4 connectors: 1. keyboard, 2. Touchpad, 3. Hard Drive, 4. Power...

Any help please? Thanks !!

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Sep 23, 2013 at 07:09 PM
Hi zlovitz,

There is a possibility that the connections were not seated correctly or some connections were missed to be connected. There are different models of Dell Inspiron Mini Laptops. The one shown in the video is Dell Inspiron Mini 1012. Steps are different to re-set/re-seat/swap the parts for different models. Please ensure you are referring to the correct Service Manual of the Laptop. Watch this Video to know how to identify the Service Tag of your computer. Please visit our support site and enter the Service Tag and you can download the Service Manual from here. If you are not comfortable to open the chassis of the laptop, please contact a Service Technician.

Hope this helps.

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