Headphones are not recognised in my playback devices

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Thursday January 16, 2014
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January 16, 2014
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I was watching a TV show in my headphones, plugged it out for about an hour, plugged it back in during which time my Dell Inspiron 15 would have gone to sleep about 4 times.. I plug it back in after an hour and the music plays through the speakers and I looked up all solutions. None of them work. Checked my audio drives, disabled the speakers and enabled them back.. Dunno what to do. I really hope you guys can help. Reply ASAP, freaking out as it is just a week old, my laptop.

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Ok, Hang in there. Reboot. Make certain you have all of the latest and greatest drivers and software.

We know that you are using a Dell, but what about the other particulars, we cannot even guess without knowing all of the players.

Have fun!

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