Laptop turns off when power cord is removed.

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Hi, this just started happening and I have no idea what to do!
My Acer Aspire laptop keeps turning off every time the power cord comes out. The battery says it's fully charged, but the computer just completely shuts down, even if it was in standby mode when the cord is taken out. The laptop is less than a year old, and works perfectly when the cord is in place. It shuts down immediately when the cord is taken out.
Any idea what I can do to resolve this issue?
Thanks so much!

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Jan 20, 2014 at 07:15 PM

does your laptop turn off completely when the power is removed or does it state it is shutting down?

if it is just turning off then it sounds like the battery is shot.

i recommend going back to where you bought it as this will be covered in the warranty.