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I created a macro to add a column and then to make the number in the column to the left of that column a negative number. I do that in the first cell selected in the new column and then will autofill to the bottom of the column. The problem is when I run this macro there will always be a different number of cells in the left column that i need to copy to make negative. How do I get the auto fill to do just two or hundred when i run the macro? Thanks

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Will you post what your code looks like? Let us have an idea of where you are stuck, as there is no progress in re-inventing the wheel. Thank you!
yes. this is what i came up with so far on my code

Selection.AutoFill Destination:=Range("D5:D" & Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlDown)

this actually is working but now the next thing I need help with. Is this code goes down the whole column of D, to infinity and beyond. What i need now to tell it is to stop at the first blank in column C. Does that make sense