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 ihsan -
Hello, I was getting rid of unused programs on my desktop and one I deleted was msn.messenger. Now I can't seem to get conected to the internet. MSN error tells me I can't connect without msn.messenger and that I need to download it either from the website or the disk. I no longer have the disk (if I ever did have it) and since I can't get on the internet I can't download it. How can I get it? Is this really the reason I can't connect to the internet? Thanks for any suggestions.

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Hi Max

perform this

start >> control panel >>add/remove programs>> add /remove windows components

form the window that will appear click next then from the list check ' Windows Messenger' choice (disable the other choices )then click next until you finish

Not "you have to update it from the internet for a new version"

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well i am try this but this say that

Setup was unable to open the information file msnmsgs.inf
the specific code errorcode is 0x2 at line 208899964

thanks for reply at mail if possible thanks