Unable to download files in Google Chrome & IE8 problem

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I have developed a couple of issues so I am not sure if they are all linked.

I am running Windows Vista and have IE8 and google-chrome Bigpond Security (mcafee)
I have recently downloaded AVG security to see if there were any virus present in an attempt to fix the problems below.

1. I am unable to download files in google chrome. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. When I am trying to download a file it will go through the process of downloading and then shows the error message virus scan failed. I was able to get by changing my downloading to IE8.

2. My IE8 has been crashing a lot and now facebook will not open just hangs on a white screen. I have read that IE8 causes a lot of problem so I thought I would uninstall it and download IE9. Other pages will open in IE8

3. When I look for IE8 in Control panel it does not exist (I have displayed hidden files), so I was unable to uninstall.

4. Thought I would go to microsoft site and download IE9. Goes through the process of downloading, however file will not run. If I choose the save option and save to say desktop location at the end of the download, no file can be found. If I try to download in google chrome I receive the error message "virus scan failed" as above.

5. Sometime google chrome has now failed to open and I need to select the run as adminstrator option to get it to work.

As you can see I have some issues!! :)

Any help would be appreciated.


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Don't worry we have the proper solution for this problem, there are lot of ways to get this type of problems, might be the windows update done into your computer but it was corrupted during installation, and might be have some problem due to which you tried to uninstall any antivirus or internet security program from your computer by using control panel uninstall option, this is not the correct way to uninstall any antivirus program from your computer, there is one thing which you have to keep in your mind carefully that when you would like to uninstall any antivirus program from your computer all the time use their proper removal tool for un-installation, every antivirus have the uninstaller utility comes with it, you can download it from their websites. The problem cannot download from internet explorer 9 might be the problem faced due to corrupted antivirus.


1. Open the task scheduler and remove all the tasks.

2. Change Internet Explorer security settings

It is possible to change Windows Internet Explorer security settings. The following is how:

Start Internet Explorer by clicking on the Start button . Inside the search box, type Internet Explorer, and after that, inside the report on results, click on Internet Explorer.
Click on the Tools button , and after that click on Internet options.Click on the Security tab, and after that perform a number of the following below steps:
To modify configuration settings for your security zone, click on the zone icon, and after that slowly move the slider on the security level that you'd like for this zone.
To make your individual security settings to get a zone, click on the zone icon, and after that click on Custom level.
In order to Restore all security levels recommended to their initial configuration settings, click on the Reset all zones to default level button.
2. Uninstall Recently installed windows update.

3. Uninstall AVG Antivirus, because may be have some problem in AVG dll files

You should use their removal tool to uninstall any antivirus

Download >> AVG uninstall tool 32bit (if you are able to download from Google chrome)

Download >> AVG uninstall tool 64bit (if you are able to download from Google chrome)

Direct link of AVG Uninstall Tools page: https://www.avg.com/en-in/avg-remover

If you will get the solution from this article , Give us the feedback.

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