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I have an external DVD burner that was assigned drive "D". Now it has been changed to "F". When I tried to manually change it back to "D" I found that the drive letter "D" is not available.

My Computer does not show anything assigned the letter "D".

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

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Is it necessary that it is D?

right click computer and go to manage

go to disk management and see what is using drive D:

right click that device and change the drive letter then you should be able to assign your DVD to D.
Thank you kieferschild. After following your instructions I found that drive D had been assigned to a removable media. I assigned that to another letter and was able to then change my DVD back to D.

Yes, it was important to me to have the DVD be drive D.

Is it because you can remember that D is for DVD? ;-)

oh the simple things.

glad you got it sorted.

pce out!