Windows 7 install doesn't pass "starting windows"

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 JamesCleeze - Jun 20, 2014 at 02:04 AM
The whole show ends before the "blooming flower" only the text... I'm awfully frustrated here...
I have an intel 3.16ghz, 8gb Ram to a 300 gb Hard drive. I've been reading forums and watching vida for over 15 hours but nothing gets me past step 1.. I'm reformatting the x64 version as I'm a flightsim enthusiast and love much Ram. I've used the same disc a year and it's still free of scratches. Its always been slick to install. Last week my backup was loaded after a restore. It crashed and nothing has booted since. Tried other drives on my comp with the same result. The disc works on 3 other machines.
I feel I've ran out of options. All the BIOS settings I've read I have tried. Wipes and rewipes.... Nada. I only see errors that are beyond my "brick wall" on the net. So I'm really starting to rib the friend who swore 7 would be a blissful upgrade from Vista.... In the last month I've had more sitting through endless scans and trying to weed out glitches than the previous 5 years combined on a beat up Dell...
This is my first forum ever so if my lingo bugs I apologize now, I'm running on zero sleep.

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Jun 20, 2014 at 12:01 AM
5 years combined on a beat up Dell.????

go to the manufacturer site and check that the system is compatible for win764bit

and that mother board drivers are available..

system info would help as well for others to help out
No. I have an Intel board now. Had an old Dell that never failed before. When I got windows 7 it included a new machine. Been running 7 x64 6 months. I'm reformatting is all. I'd give the exact specs but, I can't look them up at this exact moment. My place is flooding at this time and it's inaccessible... Sorry.