Bsnl nokia siemens wireless router

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Bsnl for its broad band has provided me with a wireless router having make nokia siemens SL2_141. From day 1 I have tried to get this to work on the wireless mode, but to no avail. Their staff has not been of much help.

I have connected this to a laptop with Vista OS.

Please help with all the settings which need to be done in order for me to connect by wireless.


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log in using IE or Mozillla : using cable and make these changes

I guess you have your ID and password with you. Put that in first.
I will now provide you the necessary steps.


In the LAN Setup make these changes :

1. put the IP address as
2. Subnet mask :
3. Enable DHCP server
4. start IP as
5. end IP as

Then in DSL Settings : Enable all (tick all) except SRA and AnnexM

Now in Wireless setting

Name your SSID as per your choice .. like India or something which yo remember. You can either hide the SSID from others as well. But thats your choice. I like to keep it visible as I have 3 networks.

SSID is the name of the network

Country : India

Security Setting:
Network Authentication : OPEN
WEP : Enabled
Encryption strength : 64 or 128
Network key : as per your choice. but better write it down as well

Reboot your router.

Change settings of your router. In ADSL Settings there is a password change option .. CHANGE IT COMPULSORILY.

Noe remove your cable and enbale WLAN and choose the network, put in the Password and enjoy.

Still a problem .. let me know . my email id is :
i gave my user id and but can't access anything.
i am getting back to the login page. OS- Win XP SP2 Browser - Google Chrome
AKS > Pratjoehahn
Dec 2, 2009 at 07:47 PM
try the user name:admin and password:admin.I guess this should help you out.for any probs pls mail me on my id

1)Established connection between WIFI modem and laptap..==>will be connection unsuccessful
2)Now connect with the broadband connection dial-up,it starts connected sucessfully
3)The connection starts working,and it lasts upto 5 to 10 minutes.... then redialing starts here.
4)This is what BSNL NOKIA -SIEMENS router
Thanks a lot it helped me.
i m not able to connect to internet
connect the modem to the computer in wireless mode using the network key. When connected ..

setup a broadband connection from the network and sharing centre, put the username and password u have been given with the connection in it and connect through that broadband connection.
I have a solution, I have already done this before
Now open a routers page, go to wireless - security and change

Network Authentication : to WPA-PSK

WPA Pre-Shared Key: _______use any key, a stronger and longer for Ex.0qXbZbsKvEtas8DmN10L and not it down somewhere don't memorize

WPA Group Rekey Interval: 0

WPA Encryption: TKIP

WEP Encryption: Disable

Now Save/Apply and reboot router

Open Control Panel
Network Connections
Right click properties of Local Area Connection
Now change a above Tab, I think in a last tab you will something related to Network Authentication code or set up a WPA-PSK key, I don't have remember because I am using now Windows xp and it was about 5-6 months ago. ok when u will see some thing like WPA-PSK then there you should enter the same key which you have entered in WPA Pre-Shared Key in routers page that you have noted down. after applying it you will see a Laptop has showing a WLAN connectivity. Then you can use your userid and password to connect to Internet.

And also,
A router should be in PPPOE mode then only a wireless works.
To setup a router in PPPOE mode see this link

If you gain have some problem then, you should contact me in

I hope it will work...
just log in with IP address (wht is showing in your network connection) and pass is "admin" & UN is "admin", enable your wireless mode

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To connect your Laptop in Vista with your BSNL WIFI Type 2 modem you need to change your registry.
There is a bug in Vista with the DHCP Server. Check in Microsoft site and change the registry.
It should connect.
config your modem in open connection first den try to give security to modem by given wpa-psk in your security option. type in address bar of internet explore it vil ask for username password both admin admin. den in wireless try to do above option and save the settings.

BSNL have no proper technical staff to help us in using wireless modem (Nokia
siemens) that has the capacity to work in LAN mode. However the signal will appear in full in wireless.

We have technology but utilisation is not happening...

Let us wait for BSNL.