Windows XP installation CD doesnt do anything

Swade - Mar 11, 2009 at 01:32 PM
 Swade - Mar 12, 2009 at 06:07 PM
Hello, I have a Dell XPS 400 PC, I recieved and error message that said NTLDR is missing, pres cntrl alt del to restart after doing so, nothing happens so I press f12 to get into the options and the only one I see to help load the reinsatlation CD is the CD ROM option so I put the CD into the PC and select the CD ROM option in the F12 menu and press enter, I hear the CD Rom loading and I see the Blue screen coming up loading the Windows XP Professional setup, I press R for repair and it does nothing it make a loading sound but after a minute it stops and does nothing, I have let it set for some time and nothing is happening but it still on the Blue screen with option of Enter=Continue, F3 Quir, R=Repair, I press R and nothing happens I even tried enetr and F3 and nothing happens? My Name is Swade and my email is or phone is 773-823-7828, I appreciate the help!

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I dont know where I can get another installation CD, the one I have loads but after going to the blue screen, which gives me the option to press R, nothing happens? I appreciate your help on this though!
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Mar 12, 2009 at 11:40 AM
Hi There
Sorry to hear you have problems and excuse me if i'm teaching you to suck eggs as the saying goes but I think you might be clicking "R" to repair using the recovery console. You have to go past that screen pressing Enter. Windows will look for installed OS's and when it finds yours it will give you the option of repairing the installed system or a fresh install. If it only offers you a fresh install then without going into a long typing session this will be the only option you have.
Hope this helps.
Kindest Regards Tony B.
Swade > brakers Posts 117 Registration date Sunday August 17, 2008 Status Member Last seen November 29, 2009
Mar 12, 2009 at 11:58 AM
Thanks Tony, when I start my PC of cousre I cant do anthing but press F2 setup or F12 for Boot menu, setup just tests the system and I have done that, but F12 boots up options and the options are

*Onboard SATA Hard drive
*Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive

*System Setup
*Hard Drive Diagnostics
*Boot Utility Partition

The only one that reads the CD when loaded is the *Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive, I have to put the CD in and press enter on this option and it loads the Setup screen but after the blu screen loads it does nothing even after pressing R or doing nothing, I hear th CD Rom slow down then stop like nothing is happening?

Afetr running tests it show that my DVD/CD Rom are working fine? I am close to dropping this off the 3rd story of my building please help?
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Mar 12, 2009 at 03:41 PM
Hi Swade. I know the feeling Have you got any important documents or pictures on your computer, and I assume that since you are answering messages back to this forum you have access to another computer.
Let me know and we will take it from there. Don't throw the thing out the window yet.
Kindest Regards Tony B.
Yes I am financial banker and I have tons of important docs on the system, I have a back up as well but unfortunately I haven't back up in a month and need to try And save my current data. Yes I do have a laptop as well and the PC is the issue at hand. It's getting closer to the back door! I spent a few hours on the Dell website only to be transfered to pages asking me to pay, kudos on their lame service. JUST GETTING A QUESTION ANSWERED IS LIKE PULLING TEETH WHEN IT COMES TO THEIR SITE. You have been a true blessing, hope you can help
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Mar 12, 2009 at 03:58 PM
Hi Swade I am going to reply to you as quick as I can. I forgot to ask you when booting with the CD in the drive does it give you the option to repair the system using the Recovery Console??
Regards Tony
the only way to get the CD rom to read the CD when I start the computer is to press F12 and go to CD ROm, load the CD and press enter, some times it loads and sometimes I have to reboot a few times to load. When it loads it starts as a blue screen with Windows in script at the top left and at the bottom it shows items being loaded in a grey area, then a few seconds later it shows the options. enter, F3, R, but when I press R nothing happens, same with all 3. Now as far as your question, no option when I reboot except CNTRL ALT DEL.
No floppy on PC just DVD/CD, and not sure what winrar is?
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Mar 12, 2009 at 05:28 PM
Hi Swade
For your information WinRar is a Zip file program like WinZip.

I was going to send you a file that has fixed some computers before with this error.

But I have been surfing the web while waiting for your reply and I found the original site I downloaded it from. It is a bit daunting to follow but It seems very comprehensive and I think if the information on that site won't fix it then it's the 3rd floor window route.

I would say that in the past people with this type of problem more often than not the hard drive was getting bad sectors on it and failing so if you do get back in and save your data I would then check my hard drive for errors.
Another way I would consider going and I think the safest way is to take the hard drive out and put it in another computer a friends or relative and transfer your files that way cos if the hard drive is failing all your attempts to repair and install the NTLDR might just push the hard drive over the edge. Remember the hard drive is spinning all the time the computer is on even if NTLDR has not been found.

Anyway below is a link to that site I hope this helps. Please let me know which way you went and if it was successfull.

Best of Luck Swade. Kindest Regards Tony B.


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Tony B is the have most def. been helpful, seeing screenshots helps but still hasnt fixed the problem, but I think I have given up for the day! Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on what transpires with this soon to be paper weight!