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HI! my internet is just doing fine and when I check my ping I have an internet. the problem is when I tried browsing or logging in my steam account or anything that uses internet is says unable to connect to the internet. I have tried all the solution in this forum http://ccm.net/forum/affich-39778-network-connected-internet-no-dns but it doesn't worked with me. im using a windows 7. please help. =(
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Thank you

Try this:

1) Open the Network Connections Control Panel. Double click on the Local Area Connection icon in the LAN or High-Speed Internet section of the Network Connections window that opens. Click on the Properties button of the Local Area Connection Status window that opens. You should see another window open.

2) Click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item to select it and click the Properties button. A new window should open.

3) All you need to do is click the Obtain DNS server address automatically button (the static DNS server information will automatically be cleared). Click OK in each of the TCP/IP and Local Area Connection properties windows to close them.

4) Once again, we want to be sure that we now have new IP address information. You should still have the Local Area Connection Status window open. Click the Support tab, then click the Repair button. After a short delay, you should get a repair completed popup and IP address information should reappear in the window. You'll need to click the Details... button to see the DNS server information.

Thank you, Ambucias 10

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Solved! Thanks a lot!
Thank u so much. I really appreciate.