Installed XP on Acer X1700, now no sound

 monsieurfop -
Hello! I put XP Pro on my Acer Aspire X1700-U3700A (and it runs much better than with Vista).

Only trouble, the sound has disappeared!

It says the sound device is missing. However, in trying to download a new one, the Acer site only has one for Vista.

Any suggestions? Your help is much appreciated.

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Thank you very much. Will try this. Meanwhile, I think the video driver also may have gone. Any suggestions on that? Again, thank you.
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May be you have'nt install your motherboard installation software. I have this problem before.
That is a easy stuff. just go to, then select support and downloads the sound driver. The downloading takes like 10 mins and just wait until is done. Then run it and the sound will be on your speakers like magig. regards.
Im having problems with my sound on my acer x1700 its showing an error code 37 could somebody tell me how to fix this problem because I tried downloading the realtek driver forom acer and its still not working

you can also try downloading the latest drivers from realtek's site and not ACER's.