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I am unable to install an application on my desktop for the reason given below:
"The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"
My home desktop is a new one with Windows 7 32bit SP I os installed. I do not know how to get over this problem. I have to install this application to check my bank transactions on internet.
For information, I am able to install all other applications without any difficulty on my system. No other application has raised this sort of query and prevented me from completing the process.
Neither my system builder nor I have set any policies as administrator.
I shall be grateful for help and guidance in this matter.
Kindly help me to get over this bottleneck and proceed with the installation without any hitch
on system.

Thanks and Regards to All


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Contact the organization that is making you use this application, adn ask them for support. It is their product, they will know.