Black screen (no cursor), only safe mode works

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Hello all!

I'm here with a problem and hopefully someone knows how to fix it :)

Yesterday I thought that one of my fans did not work/spin so I opened my PC case and saw that the fan which doesnt spin was plugged in into "sysfan2" on my motherboard. So I unplugged this and plugged this fan into "sysfan1" which was free (it seems logical to me). When I turn on the PC: after the bios asking screen and the windows logo I get a black screen without sounds, beeping or cursor (and all fans spinning normally). I can only get into my PC if I restart it and choose "Safe mode".

I tried deleting my videocard (AMD HD7790) drivers, and now I can into "Normal mode" but with crappy resolution. I installed the drivers from the CD and had to restart the PC and again, I have the black screen...

I tried:
-system restore to last safe point
-Bios factory settings
-unplugged and plugged back in RAM and videocard
-Run AVG virusscan
-searching the web (and this is my first question)

PC specs:
Amd A8 6600K with integrated 8570d
Club 3d AMD Radeon HD7790
MSI A78- motherboard
8GB Ballistix RAM
500W Coolermaster PSU
1TB HDD (with only 500gb or less in use)

Thanks in advance!

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boot into safe mode and go to Start > Run

type msconfig and press OK

go to the startup tab and untick everything.

restart in normal mode.

if you're able to boot then it is a program causing you the issue and I would go back into Safe Mode and enable them one at a time.