Login gives Blank Page

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For the last week I have been unable to login to my FB account - every time I log in using my credentials, the page just goes blank and stays that way. I went through the answers in this forum already for this problem but none of those suggestions work for me (like clearing the cache, ensuring the URL has https, etc.) I have tried changing the password but that has not solved the problem.

Please help. My attempt to write to Facebook seeking help has not got any response yet.

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Thanks a lot for your response. I have been using Chrome and Windows 8.1 to access Facebook and could not find the Tools/Compatibility option in it, but on a hunch I logged in via IE just now and am able to get through. I still dont know what was wrong this past week with my attempts to log in through Chrome - but I now have access and the cause of my problem is now of mere academic interest. I shall use IE to access FB henceforth.

Thanks again!