Facebook Creator Studio blank screen ( White screen of death )

 sebastianjasonn -
So apparently nobody talked about Facebook Creator Studio white screen of death problem. Its basically the same problem with " I cant log in to facebook, after i log in, its blank white page", but this time around, I cant log in to my Facebook Creator Studio

I use Facebook Creator Studio to manage my instagram account, so I can setup my posting schedule and etc.

Please if anyone have a solution for my problem....
Tried erasing the cache, tried resetting network, tried turning on and off cookies, tried log in to facebook, NOTHING WORKS

please if anybody can help with my problem, thatd be awesome

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 90.0.4430.93

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Hello, having a look on the Internet, you're not the first problem to encounter this problem. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an obvious reason for it, or an obvious fix.

People have found that reporting the issue to Facebook over a period of several days works and is the most common suggestion to solve this issue.

You should still be able to access your account via a mobile device as the white screen of death only affects PC or laptop web browsers. Other users recommend creating a new FB profile and giving that admin access to your business pages just in case this issue happens again.


Thanks lots for the info,
I actually sent them a email, and strangely at the following day, the problem was fixed! I can access my Facebook Creator Studio

but I notice that I can't post a video (both in feed and IGTV), after I upload the video and press publish, the page just keep loading and loading for forever! so does anybody have a solution for this?