Can't connect to other PC through wifi

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I am using ZTE ZX DSL 531B router. I have 2 PC at my home and in both PC, i have installed TENDA Wireless Adapter .

Both PC are able to connect well with router and able to access internet without any issue.

I have also connected both PC to share files. I have created PC-1 as homegroup creator and connected PC-2 to join PC-1.

PC-2 is able to connect well with internet and it can see all the files of PC-1

Problem is under PC-1 , NETWORK it shows PC-2 but when i click on it , gives error as
Windows cannot access
Error Code : 0x80070035
The network path was not found.

Kindly solve this error. I am facing this issue since last 1 year, and I have tried and visited almost all forum post on net. But nothing helped

1. Both PC runs on windows 7
2. Both are 32 bit

Recently I did below things which I remember
1. I tried with LAN also, but there also same issue
2. Ticked IPv6 in both PC , obtain an IPv6 add automatically selected
3. Ticked IPv4 in both PC , obtain an IPv4 add automatically selected
4. In both PC , IPv4 - Advanced - WINS - Enable NetBIos over TCP / IP
5. Multiple time deleted homegroup and created new one.

Earlier, also I tried different settings, but nothing succeeded

In PC-1 , it shows PC-2 under network, but it Can't connect. Shows error as informed above.

PC-2 works well. Can see files of other PC and can also connect to internet

P.S. : PC-1 is able to connect to internet , just not connecting PC-2


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What shares have you created on the PC2? Do those shares give the user on PC1 access to them?