When I type, letters going all over the place [Solved/Closed]

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I am typing a letter and the first line types fine and then suddenly my typing ends up on another part of the page! What the heck? I am about ready to scream! Any suggestions?
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I have the same problem when I use my laptop...and it-s because I keep running my hand over the mouse area...
I think I-m using my mouse but actually the mouse pad is still active.

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I have had the same problem since I got my new laptop & think I have solved it today. I have selected mouse in the control panel and on mouse pointer options unchecked the enhance pointer precision box. Now seems to be working fine
I really apreciate your help, problem resolved. Thanks.
Finally an answer! I wonder why Precision enhance does this to the keyboard?
one year later thank you so much... yes it is working
Thank you... I have been going mad trying to work this out on my new laptop
Thank you
Do you have a laptop with a touchpad below the keyboard? See if you can
change the sensitivity of the touchpad.
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hi I had the same issue. When I turned off the tap function on the touch pad it stopped. There maybe a way to just reduce the sensitivity of it but i'll leave that to you - good luck
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If you have a touchpad, check to see if under options, you have a palm sensitivity setting. This setting is specifically for inadvertant mouse actions introduced by the touchpad. I was able to reduce this problem by making an adjustment there.
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I often have the same problem, however I've discovered that it is do to my laptop touch pad. When I'm type I'll accidently hit the keypad causing the mouse to click, changing the place of my curser. Anyoing, yes, but easly solved. You can try one of two solutions. One: adjust the sensitivity of your touch pad so that a simple tap won's cause a problem or Two: move you mouse to an area of the page blow the text you are typing so that when it clicks, your curser stays in the same place.
Hope that helps.