Accidentally plugged headphones into Asus Laptop USB; won'turnon

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Thursday January 15, 2015
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January 15, 2015
 Grecia Izaguirre. -
Earlier today I had my Asus open and on the lockscreen. I attempted to plug in my headphones, but accidentally tried inserting them into the USB port. A few seconds later, my laptop shut down and now it will not turn back on. I tried to take out the battery, but it appears that there isn't one... I checked everywhere and it doesn't show a battery. I've only had this laptop for almost a month now; I got it for Christmas and I value it dearly.

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Saturday January 17, 2015
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November 27, 2020

Sorry to hear about your problem. I need to ask though, did you manage to get the headphones plug inserted at all? If so ther could be damage to the USB socket, but I just tried on mine and without some force I couldnt get it in the square hole.

There must be a battery in a laptop, but if its like an Apple Mac, then they hide it inside the case rather than having it on view. If you could supply the model, then that would be helpful.

Not to overlook the obvious, it isnt simply out of charge is it? Have you tried using it with the power supply plugged in (and powered on)?
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I did the same thing I know why it's not working but the guy at the repair shop said its not the problem even though it is, I'm pretty sure u need a ec reset but its better if u take it to the repair shop so they can do it

My laptop shuts down when I accidentally put the earphone plug into the USB socket, I think it is a birth defect from this laptop, anyway... I red at some websites that removing the battery could help with that. My laptop has no external battery, so in order to remove it you have to unscrew the down side of it.
I did it, and got the battery off (you also have to unplug the laptop from AC before doing it, because it could damage your laptop), and waited like an hour before putting it back inside again, pressed the On button for five seconds and it worked out perfectly. It turned on again and I felt so happy! Be careful when doing it, because between the two parts of the unscrewed laptop there are a few tape bands connecting both parts.