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I was told by a Dell tech support person to press the FN key plus power switch to do something I might need to do. Upon my asking him where is the FN key, he said it would be between the Alt and Ctrl keys. On the left side of the keyboard that is were the "Window" emblem is to switch to the Start Menu and on the right is a key with a rectangle and three horizontal bars in the middle. Is this the FN key? Thanks for any help you can give.

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first of all politeness will get you a long way.

secondly - Is your wireless keyboard for a laptop or a desktop. As laptop keyboards will have a Fn key.
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I have a desktop and the tech got back to me saying he forgot that I had the new All-in-one and told me to tap the F12 key instead when I power on to access the boot menu. Of course I still don't know what the key is for that has a picture of a rectangle with 3 horizontal lines in it. Thanks for responding though.
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Can you take a picture of your keyboard

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