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 nzryan - Mar 22, 2009 at 05:38 PM
Hi everyone!

I just bought a new system (dual core 2gb ram 9000GT video card, the usual suspects) and once I put everything together I proceeded to insert the vista home basic dvd to install my new operating system. However, I first noticed there was an issue when I had to leave the OS install running overnight to complete! It took over 12 hours to install! Anywho, I finaly got to the point where I could log on, now windows does not recognise there is a DVD drive connected however some times it does. When it does recognise there is a drive I insert my chipset and motherboard driver disk to install the drivers but it will not read at all and locks up. I have managed to get the install started a few times but shortly into the install it will stop reading the disk or something and lock up. I figured it may be the drive so I replaced it, still same issue, so I replaced the sata cables and still nothing. Every part of this sytem is brand spanking new so I dont know what the issue could be. wated to donate this PC to the Leukaemia Fondation here in Brisbane but if I cant get it to work I wont be able to. I have noticed that even when it isnt being read by windows, there is still power going to it though. I figured that since windows boots up fine and it is recognising all other hardware including the ram that it shouldnt be a faulty motherboard as the hard drive also works perfectly fine.

PLEASE, any help would be MUCH appreciated.


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Mar 22, 2009 at 03:53 AM
go to the BIOS and enable your cache 1 & 2.
this should make your computer to run at a normal speed.
it may be that your IDE cables are faulty.
get them replaced and then try again.
Hi milo_O

Unfortunately my drive is connected via sata so it cant be an IDE problem, and I have already changed all the wires to see if that was the issue before I posted here. Is there any other reason this could be happeningthat you can think of? It reads the Drive some times, and others it doiesnt, but when it does read the drive it is very shortlived and I cannot boot anything off it. Its a brand new DVD Drive along with a brand new system.