Cant log into any account on my laptop

marc - May 22, 2008 at 02:05 AM
 babbybuts - Jun 26, 2010 at 04:48 AM
Hello, I am in desperte need of help. I have a home based pc and that works fine, I have recently bought a laptop and am currently having problems trying to log into my accounts with user name and password but it wont accept them so it trys to make me put it in all over again, even when I try to open a new account it wont let me do anything.

i cant pick any of my emails up to get a response from anyone so I thought that I would do it this way,

is my laptop knackered.?????


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Aug 1, 2009 at 03:13 PM
Hi :)

There are lots of linux ways around this. I assume that you mean you ar having trouble logging in to the machine itself rather than having a few hassles with a website or two?

My own favourite for fixing this without changing the system around too much would be Trinity Rescue Kit
but pretty much any distro could do this if you know which tools to add.

I would really recommend properly installing a version of linux as part of a dual-boot so that if you ever have problems with either OS in the future you don't get completely locked out of using the laptop. Of course installing a dual-boot should allow you to simply get access to your files in Windows without having to deal with the password issue for a while. Assuming your laptop has more than 800MHz cpu, at least 512Mb ram and about 15Gb of free space then I would recommend Ubuntu for this but for a lower spec machine there are plenty of other choices.

First download Ubuntu from
then make a cd of it by double-clicking on the iso file, this guide might help
i tend to find the cheapest "write once" cds that you can only get in blocks of 10 or more are better for this than more expensive cds and dvds tend to be really rubbish for this. Anyway once you have the cd then boot up from it to the menu with "Try Ubuntu without changes to this machine", if you don't get that menu then this guide might help
Choosing the "Try Ubuntu ... " option should get you to a working desktop which we call a "LiveCd session", if it works ;) Most versions of linux have this feature although they don't all have such a fancy menu. Ubuntu's LiveCd has firefox on the top taskbar and should have worked out your internet connection so having got a LiveCd session working you should be able to surf around and check that Ubuntu is going to work easily on the machine. At this point you should be able to see your Windows files and be able to copy them safely elsewhere, such as to external hard-drive or something. Once you've done that then simply install as a dual-boot ;)

If you have a slightly lower-spec machine then I personally (don't know about anyone else) would recommend Wolvix, perhaps Wolvix Hunter 1.1.0

Anyway good luck and regards from
Tom :)
Go to tools, then internet options. Click on Privacy and then turn it no higher than medium high so the computer has cookies.
can I do this on my mobile phone
can I do this on my mobile phone
ok,all you got to do is let that page have cookies
can not log on at all