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Hello all,

Well I'm wondering why's GTA IV so slow for me. I'm running it on Windows Vista Ultimate, on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.0Ghz), with 3GB of Ram, and I have an Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT (512 Mb).

I know it is recommended to have a 8600GT, but still, it is a 512MB video card. I even runs slow when having 800x600 and eveything lowered to none or 0 in the configuration.

Look forward to hear from your responses,

Thanks very much in advance.
System Configuration: Windows Vista

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  • Go to The nVidia Control Panel and go to Manage 3D settings
  • Then turn Anisotrophic Filtering OFF and set :
    • Antialiasing Transparency to Multi Sampling
    • Antialiasing Setting to 2x
    • Texture Filtering Quality to High Performance
    • Texture Filtering -Trilinear Optimisation to ON
    • Texture Filtering -Negative LOD bias to ALLOW
    • Threaded Optimisation ON
    • Vertical Sync and Triple Buffering ON

Change these Settings. The Performance Will definitely Improve.

It Worked For Me .
Thank you

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thanks dude! 100% no lag :)
thnkzz dude works in mostly games...
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I just got GTA IV for my laptop, but it's running very slow!

Here are my system specs.. all are supposed to match with requirements :

I have an Acer Apire latop.
- Intel pentuim dual-core processor T3400 (2.16GHz, 667 Mhz FSB, 1 MB L2 cache)
-Up to 1244 MB Mobile Intel Graphics
Media Accelerator 4500M
-3 GB DDR2
-250 GB HDD

As operating System Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Home Basic
- 32-bit Operating System
- 3.00 GB RAM

What do I need to make it faster? Thanks
Get windows 7..............performance will increase than in vista...,patch the game with gta iv patch 5
Thanks brother its working fine now
1. Update Your All Drivers
2. Checking Your Background Applications !
3. Your Operating System (Windows Vista) is too heavy.
4. Change Your OS Windows XP, Update Your Driver (VGA, CPU, Sound Card, and all).
5. Defrag your Hard Disk.
6. Run in DirectX9 Mode In Windows XP

My Computer Specs :

- AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600++ 1.9GHz (minimum is AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600++ 2.4GHz)
- Motherboard Abit NF-M2S
- RAM 2Gb VISIPRO (2x1Gb) DDR2 800MHz (PC6400)
- VGA nVidia GeForce 9600GT 512MB, 256Bit, DDR3 (PCIex16 running in 8x)
- Hard Disk Seagate Barracuda 160GB 7200rpm
- Windows XP Service Pack 3

The system running in 30 FPS in :

- 1280x1024 100 Hertz 32Bit Color
- Detail Quality Low
- Rendering Quality High
- View Distance = 1
- Detail = 50
- Vechile Density = 1
- Shadow = 1

E-Mail :
Hi, I had the same graphical problem (slow and laggy) with a computer much above the requirements
but I solved it!
i'm using XP x64 but I think it doesnt matter
i had to change my virtual memory
in default it is set on the drive where your OS is with a specific amount
find another drive with some empty space (at least ~10Gb) and create there virtual memory with custom size
(initial size should be set what u can see as "recommended" in the window, maximum size is what u want -7560Mb at me)
if u set it up succesfully, a pagefile.sys willl appear on the drive u choosed
i hope this helps most of u

good luck
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The best thing you need to do is put the OS as XP 32bit and It will improve the performance. The next thing you need to do is use game gain and game booster. Then you should decrease the graphics quality in gta 4. But If it again slow then you must upgrade your graphics card. Sorry but your graphics card is not as in recommended. You must get a core 2 duo 2.00 ghz , 2 to 4 gb ram, and nvidea geforce 9900 gtx 1 gb or more to run on the highest graphics quality. I hope this helped you!!! :)
I was s**t scared to install on win 7, got through no hiccups at all, game runs perfectly, all this hype over needing 8 gigs + a quad + a 295 to run this in any playable fashion is ridiculous, my specs are x2-4400, 2gb generic, MSI k8t-neo2, and HIS 3850 512, nothing spectacular, but gta4 runs perfectly, now this is not a show off post, more just to let people know it is perfectly playable on min specs, and as for win 7, im, running 64bit, this may help, but no compatibility mode used to run or install. oh and I run all this at 1920x1080, everything on medium.
what kind of game is it did you download it or is it a copy that you got
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I got:
Core 2 quad 3.0 ghz
4 gb ram ddr2
1 gb nvidia geforce 9500 gt
windows 7 64 bit
I got it smoothly up with the resolution: 1280 * 1024. I don't have got more than that resolution. I get it smoothly by keeping all graphics to highest.
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try AMD FUSION available off AMD site or google...shuts down background apps to free up some resources....also make sure you are running the latest update (v1.3 currently) as that add more options to the graphics tab to disable, also turn off clip capture on PC with non-quad core cpus or less than a GF 8800 card.

Most of my friends with the game can bearly get 10fps on the required specs... typically you need to disable nearly all the graphic fxs to low or off on a pc without Quadcore + 4gig ram + 512mb GPU, sadly the game wasnt optimised for midrange-lowend pcs in mind.
try using gamebooster 1.4
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you need to have a Core 2 Duo processor.
here are the minimum and the recomended specs:
GTA 4 Minimum System Requirements

* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz or equivalent AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz
* Memory/RAM: 1GB for XP and 1.5GB for Vista
* Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA 7900 or 256MB ATI X1900
* Hard Disk Space: 16GB free
* Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1

GTA 4 Recommended System Requirements

* Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz or equivalent AMD Phenom X3 2.1GHz
* Memory/RAM: 2.5 GB for XP or Vista
* Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 or 512MB ATI 3870
* Hard Disk Space: 18GB free
* Operating System: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP1
i did buy GTA IV and I did remove Vsync that takes alot of the lag it wont lag in 5 minuttes or something, im running windows vista , intel centrino 2, nvidia geforce 1024 mb 4 gb ram.
can any1 help me please
can some on help me plz
its all depending on your graphics card and processer get a good speed processor doesnt matter quad single duo whatever you can get really fast singles now also a reallly good graphics card atleast nvidea 9800gt or ati 4870.