How to get best performance on GTA 4

 Rachit -

I just got GTA 4, but it runs very slowly.

I have
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 9700m GTS (yes it is a laptop)
4 Gigs of DDR3 RAM.

Is there a way to force the game to use more RAM, or another trick that can allow it to run at better performance?

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goto your task manager(proccesses and close all the unessecary backround programs like:
virus scanners/
security programs
and (SRCGSecuROM something like that (if its there, click end proccess

and goto: proccesses , find GTA IV and right click and go SET PRIORTIY (HIGH)

minimize GTA IV and shutdown GTA Social club (if you have it)

set the game graphics to

change the resolution to wat ever u want(try for a lower one) make sure it fits most of the screen

textures : low

Distance :1
Detail Distance :1
shadow :1
?????? :0

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-GTA IV noob
Thank you

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Go to the graphic option and just decrease the resolution of your monitor and the texture to "Tri......" remove the grain effect and make the brightness and stuff to a normal level........then it would work good.......

Hello there's no tricks or whatever,

It's better you set the graphic details to medium settings,

And other settings,

Remember you are using a laptop and the processor is a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo,

Quad Core processor is recommended for the game to be played at high graphic level

Go to, you can get all sorts of information there.
Low or medium graphic settings and resolution upto 1240*780 at 72 hz refresh rate