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Hello, My computer fell to the ground while it was running. I turned it off and when I turned it back on it won't boot up. I get a black screen that has writing stating that SMARt failed. Then I hit escape and ran a system check and no it reads no hard drive detected. This is a Dell desktop

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I often fall over whilst running too.

chances are the hard disk has come loose out of its connection or you've managed to bugger the hard drive when you dropped it.

i would turn your laptop on and listen for a clicking sound. That would give you a good indication.
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Hi Valerie,

Sadly, physical damage may harm your hard drive. Other possibility is that you are facing a connectivity issue. If your laptop is under warranty, contact the reseller. If the warranty has expired, I would advise you to check the laptop's manual. You may need to open the laptop and remove the hard drive. Connect it to another laptop or in a desktop, as a secondary storage device. If you do not feel confident enough to open the laptop, I would recommend you to contact a technician.

Hope this helps

I don't think dropping your laptop is covered under warranty. But, i imagine that the hard drive is pretty much done.