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Ruddhy - Mar 27, 2009 at 04:59 AM
 gagga - Jun 22, 2010 at 11:48 AM
i have a problem creating server... I have broadband n have a dynamic ip.... I created the cs 1.6 server... but the ip adress it shows is which others cant use to connect the server... what can I do?i cant purchase the static ip adress coz its too costly..
plz reply me

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Firstly, that's not your real internet IP, it's just showing your lan IP. What you need to do for others (random people) to join is to open up the port you have chosen in your dedicated server through your modem/router. You can see for details on how to do that, depending on your modem/router model.
And if you want to be able to give other people your server's IP address so they can join (after you have forwarded your port as I said before), try going on and give them that IP.
Be warned though, since your IP is dynamic, you'll have to check for the new one every time you open your server.

If you want to set like a host name that forwards to your ip, like lets say "", which people can use instead, like by typing "" in the server box, go on and get it's free dns hosting option. Just follow the instructions and you'll manage.
They even have a software available that you can download from the site that automatically updates the host name with your new IP.

yes u can create server in counter strike.doesnt mattr if u have Dynamic ip.

go to

register their software.. create 1 host.
remember that host name.
now install that software in ur PC.
aftr installing,it will ask for ur email address to login n passwrd too...give it...then in that window... righ click on blank part in upper refresh host names. the Host name which u had created will appear their. Tick on that Box... that smily shud Smile..
during this period ur intrnet must be connectd..
now remembr that host name... create game from HLDS.exe located in Counter strike foldr.
select options u want n the servr is keep that window as it is... open ur countrstrike.exe
go to Find servers->Add server->write the host name with entire address n click OK..
ur created game will appear in that window... double click n play...
tell ur friends that host name...n ask them to put it in Find servers->add server
or simply press console button which is on the left side of digit 1...its `
n write connect YOURhostname and ENTER

enjoy playing
I followed the above instructions to, created host. It woked well.
But when I created a HLDS server it still showed my LAN IP (192.168.().()) instead of my static IP which went like 59.xx.yy.zz. also I started up counter strike and in Favourite added server like but it gave me an error that invalid IP.
Also tried connect <My Domain> but it didnt work.

Any help? Thanks.
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Nov 10, 2009 at 02:54 PM
now nabztec what u have to do is go to ur ip (taht appears in cs 16 server ) in internet browser and open it.if u r using router than it will appear but if u r using dailup than I dk . put the username and password provided to u by ur ISP(internet service provider) and login . than check ur status or basic tab therer must be written an ip address give that ip address to ur friends not the one given on (it shows correct if STATIC ip)
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Just click on this link and your IP will be shown, if you click on look-up it will show a map with your hometown.
Use Bridge mode instead of PPPoE mode

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The ip u are talkin about is ur internal ip u will need it to connect urself, but for others u will need to port forward from "", then goto "" get yur external ip and attach it to yur forwarded port being used by game which is 27005 for 1.6 and 27015 for source..!!
Internal ip : 192.168.xx.x (can be any diff yur case)
External ip: (can be any diff yur case)
Ip neede fr yur frnds : "external ip:port"
now mtnl provides 1 static ip address for unlimited broadband users
get that plan