My computer local disk F/: is not accessible

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i, right click in the Local disk F/: than

1. properties

2. security
3. edit
4. deny remove ok

now my all data not show in the f drive
how to open my f drive

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You have changed the permission to deny.

do the steps again but set it to allow.
Why if there is no security tab
i have the same problem. please help. i dunno where local disk came from i did not create that partition it just appeared on my laptop, and i cant access it :(
thanks in advance.
> justin
i have the exact same problem, HELP

Hi there,

it could be that the "f:" disk you're seeing is a recovery partition or is the drive letter of say a USB device, SD Card device, DVD drive?

Right click "Computer" and go to "Manage"

Then go to "Disk Management"

In there you should see the F drive and it will give you a little bit of info.