Screen goes off and on when playing old games

 William -

Anyone have this type of problem and anyone might have a solution to this?

When I play old games (10-15 year old games), in this case MM7 and Starfleet command my screen goes black off (monitor is still on) and back on, in 2-5 second intervals - monitor is still on with power. I can ESC mode the keyboard and exit the game, returning to the desktop fine.

It only happens when playing these old games. I've changed my resolution from 1920x1080 to 1280 x 720 but it still turns on and off. I've even tried to drop it down to 800 x 600, but still happens.

It's a new Xeon computer 8GB DDR and all the motherboard components are fine, all caps are flat. The video card is a NVidia GTX 560 2gbs, works fine. Running Windows 7 Pro and the monitor is a 32inch Acer, which runs fine with everything else.

All the games I run, including Minecraft, Everquest and Dying light work fine... just these old games.

I'm thinking that maybe this current video card can't handle such an older graphics mode or something...


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Are you using "compatibility mode" to run the games?
Ran it under XP compatible mode, thanks