WiFi connected but cannot get internet.

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I appreciate that this question has been asked in a number of forms but my problem is slightly different. I run a holiday complex and my guests expect WiFi. My main router box is extended around the site by 3 other boxes. My desk top is connected to the internet by wire. My tablet connects no problem by wifi but none of my guests can get the internet. The wifi signal is there and strong. They can connect to wifi but when they try and connect to the internet they all receive the message 'IP address incorrect'. They are all using different devices - laptops, phones, tablets and a mix of android and apple. Why does my tablet work and theirs not? This has not been a problem before this week and guests normally only have a problem if the wifi signal fails. Urgent help required!

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Aug 17, 2015 at 04:53 PM
Hi there,

Your main router box will be your Default Gateway and probably your DHCP server?

How are your other 3 boxes connected and are the range extenders or wireless access points?

Who set this up for you?

I suspect that your other 3 boxes are either giving our their own IP addresses or it's giving people the wrong ones.

For Example:

Your main box is the internet gateway and for example will have an IP Address of It will have a DHCP pool of to

This means that 244 devices can connect to your network at once and they will all be given an IP address from the pool.

The information that is passed onto the device connecting (along with an IP address from the pool) is the DNS and Default Gateway. The DNS will resolve hostnames to IPs and vice versa. The Default Gateway is your main box, it tells the connected the device that to get the internet they go out through this router.

When you connect your device are you connecting it to the main box wifi?

Do all 4 boxes have the same wifi name?

I truly believe the issue is with the 3 other boxes not being correctly configured.

let me know.
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Aug 17, 2015 at 05:42 PM
Hi thanks for coming back to me. I can connect ( with my tablet) successfully with either the main box or the additional extender boxes. Each box has its own wifi code/signal/name. My guests can connect with all the separate boxes but then get the IP address failure message. The system was installed by a company but they are closed for the holidays and everything worked fine until this week. If the issue was only with the extender boxes then surely the guests should be able to connect with my main router?

If it helps my tablet is showing an IP address of

Any further thoughts?

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Aug 17, 2015 at 05:51 PM
Without knowing the exact technical specification of the setup I'm not sure how helpful im going to be.

Really you need someone to come and take a look. It may be worth you seeking someone local to come over.