MW2 not loading correctly?

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Sunday November 4, 2012
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November 4, 2012
I have this problem with my mw2 disc or possibly my ps3, this is what happens every time I put in my mw2 disc and load it, the game logo comes up, but then the game screen goes blank and suddenly it goes back to my ps3 home menu. If I log out of PSN (play station network) and go into mw2 the game loads perfectly I can play campaign spec ops but if I go to multiplayer --->online then it says you need to sign in, when I do then the same problem occurs, blank screen and then it loads me back to the ps3 menu. I am becoming very frustrated with this problem and have searched the internet for solutions but nothing has been found. I need your help, If you know how to solve this problem please comment!!!

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I have been having this problem also, but.. I just found a solution.
simply if you have a Torrent Program (BitTorrent, uTorrent, BitComet ect...)
and your problem should be solved.
im sorry if this dosnt help some but it helped me
me too the same fricing thing helppp!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks bro!!!!!!!! it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
this really worked as soon as I deleted utorrent it worked perfict again, try this.
wow omg and I resetted my ps3 ffs..
this has worked for me aswell.... why has this been a problem???
So I started having this problem a week ago and could'nt figure out why. I tried playing COD4 online and as soon as it reached the COD online menu the screen would turn black and return to the mein menu (XBAR).

I thought my disc was scratched but then I tried MW2 and it did the same thing as soon as the game loaded.

So I tried serveral things (including holding power to access secret menu) but none of that worked.

Then I found this forum and read about how some people deleted utorrent from their computer to fix the issue. I immediately remembered that my utorrent app on my computer upgraded to the latest version around the same time the problem started.

So I walked over to my computer, turned off uTorrent (by righ clicking and exiting) and tried playing COD4 again and WHAM!, worked like a charm again.

So please give this a try if you are experiencing the same problems and have uTorrent installed (or any other programs that you may have recently installed or upgraded). In my case I didn't have to delete uTorrent, just exit out of it.

Hope this helps!
Same thing has happened to us and after purchasing the MW and returning it, realize it is a update issue due to every other game working online. If anyone gets on, let me no
I think your right!
Work with all other games execept Mw2.
1 of my friends got on somehow
We have had this problem to, same thing, ok off line but as soon as we logged on it goes to the menu again, after reading that the game wotks offline I figured that the game and the ps3 is ok, it must be the account or the connection, made new acounts tried differant discs and so on. The last thing was the connection, disconnected the router and connected the ps3 directly to our mode. Bang there it was, online and all. Reset the router, took the wizard shit and set it up again, connected the ps3 to the router and the router back in modem, work fine. This isnt a solution maybe, but it solved out problem, and yes it all started around a week or so ago, it came and it went and in the end it was off, but hey mere back, sorry for the typo, im from norway :-)
im from norway too.. hei :)
1) Sign out of your PSN account on your PS3.
2) Launch the game MW2 or COD4 or COD WOW, etc.
3) Go to Multiplayer. It'll ask you to sign on.
hey all not sure if this will work for everyone else but it did for me with mw2 trying waw now.

1. go to account management

2. go to system activate

3. deactivate your ps3 and reactivate your ps3 cause waw and mw2 work just fine now

like I said not sure if this will work for every one but it did for me does not hurt to give it a try. right? let me know what you come up with.
dude thannnkkkk yyyoouuuuuuu
Okay, guys this apparently happens when you join a lobby with someone that modded the room, that person than hacks into your system so MW2 won't work and every other game will work. That's why if your offline the game works perfectly, i'm not sure about this but I think that the game will start if you use it on another PSN account or after doing a full FORMAT. I will try both and get back to you guys
okay quick format and another PSN account DOESN'T work
Just emailed infinityward guys if they give a reply ill put it up here
It's nothing to do with hacking, I've tried two accounts and they won't work, the game just resets when you try to log in, or play online. It's a problem with the patch I think.
yeah it worked fine before I did the system update
I've called activision multiple times and They've told me they would email me if they found a fix , they said if they couldnt they would release a new patch of some sort but I havent heard from them and its been 3 days
try doin restore system settings
same thing happened to me :(... havent playe mw2 for a week, then as I try to load it I get backed out to ps3 main menu :L
Guys I found a fix first disable media sever connection , then go to your internet setting and type in your ip address manually and download the patch also if you have a computer on at the time turn It off !
Were do u find ya ip adress mate? Plus download what patch lol chheers
Well for no reason mine just started working again yesterday so im not sure what the problem was...... but I hope all that are having this problem can fix it.
i guess I was wrong started it up again today and BAM same frickin thing.. gonna try it and see if it works....
i have it still not working tryed everything help !
delete utorrent bittorrent off your pc or wateva and it should work, worked for me and my mates!!!!
turn off any torrent programs in your house

could be a problem with the disc.

can you try it in another ps3
ive got the same problem I can play all of my other games online but mw2 ive tryed it on my brothers playstation as well it it didnt work and we both have mw2 it may be our internet nat type but idunno I even reset the modem no diffenance
have the same problem that started this weekend. replaced the disc at the store and still the same prob. did a system restore and when game connected online same problem. really need some help with this.
hey man I have the same problem but what I did to fix it is I signed out and went to mw2 and when I got to play online I signed in and I got on it I hope this hellped if not msg Frostyclipzhd on youtube
Same thing is happening to me too. I also tried cod4, and it's broken as well.
Same thing happening to me, my disk is fine. I have reformatted the hard drive, tried multiple accounts. It's not my game or the PS3. There is a problem on Activisions end and now we can't play MW2. It's odd as it will load if I am signed out, as soon as I click multiplayer it goes to sign me in and then resets back to the main PS3 menu.

I've noticed this only happens when you update the game with the patch. But sadly you need the patch to play online so you can't play online :( my guess is the latest patch for MW2 is having a conflict with the latest firmware update for PS3. But I could be wrong.

But it's not your PS3 or MW2 disk so don't worry, now all we can do is hope Activision fix this mess.
I've tried multiple things and I seem to have the same problem over and over again as well with cod 4 , I say we just spam activision with emails until we get a fix to this , they cant just ignore us
I really hope they fix this soon :/ but what I find odd is that I asked my friend to try and play his and his copy and ps3 run perfectly.
Also could it possibly have something to do with types of ps3? Because mine is the big model back when ps3 came out and my friend's is the slim model.
No I have Slim but it Mw dosent work...
I have Slim and Mw2 dosent Work On it
no, I think you have to wait for a Mw2 uptate
guys I have the same problem I can only play it on morning but not afternoon n it makes me go back to the ps3 menu this is so unfair my other mates can play onlin eany time I checked but I cant please someone respond if they get a messege from infinty or activiosion thanks :(
This is ridiculous, it works for all my psn friends but mine doesn't, another account won't work, I don't want to reset my ps3's memory just hope a patch update happens immediately.
Delete ur online save and go back on mw2 and it should work I have done it
To actually play the game theres a few steps to do...
1, Go to the playstation 'secret menu'
2, Do steps 2,3,4,5
3, Reset your modem by putting a pencil into a small spot in the back of the modem
4, If theres a laptop beside you turn it off (tried with laptop on didnt work)
5, play the game:D
(theese steps worked for me but you have to do it everytime you play ps3 and dont go to the ps3 home menu if your not going to turn your ps3 off because youll have to do the same)