Troubles on waking up

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My laptop has a trouble on 'waking up'. It wont start at first try. I had to keep plug and unplug the charger since the battery is a bit ... and when it does, it only stay for half an hour then it will keep restarting. What should i do? By tthe way, im using Asus Notebook Windows 7 Starter

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Do not put it to sleep, either keep it on, or shut it off. Change the lid behavior to not turn off, or sleep the machine when the lid (screen) is down. While you are there, change the main button behavior to turn off, not sleep when pushed.

Let us know if you need help with these tasks.
It didnt work. It still restarting. But it work perfectly fine when i use the safe mode. It only happen when i start windows normally. Ive tried disabling cache memory and the shadowing thing ( BIOS) in the setup but i couldnt find it. Is it becaus eim using windows 7 starter?

Great. Then we know it is an added "feature" loading beyond the normal windows shell (by safe mode running right). I do not think Starter has anything to do with it. Hang in there....but if you continue to make changes to bios, we cannot help, as you will not be able to tell us of ALL of your changes!