Vb averaging random fields in Excel 2007

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Thanks very much for help on this . .

After finding a row based on a field value, I need to get the value from a different field in that row . . .I need to repeat this for different rows and then average the desired value into another field. The rows will vary from project to project

Row 1, AZ1 = "OXII" (yes or no)
If no
Row 2, AZ2 = "OXII" (yes) . . . .AW2 is the first value to be averaged.
Row3, AZ3 = "OXII", no
Row4, AZ4 = "OXII", no
Row5, AZ5 = "OXII", yes. . . .AW5 is the 2nd value to be averaged.

. . .average AW2, AW5 and place value in Row45, AW45

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Sep 2, 2015 at 07:57 PM
The logic syntax of "IF" in Excel is as follows:

Now apply that and let us know where you need help!

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