Copy data from a workbook to another work book

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I want to copy a particular column from sheet 1 in a workbook to the corresponding sheet 1 in the other workbook and from sheet 2 to the sheet 2 in the other workbook and sheet 3 to sheet 3 and so on ,please help me to do that,
thank you

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Sep 25, 2015 at 06:44 PM
Ok, these types of problems cannot be written by us. There are way to many variables for us to assume you can understand and make right on your end. The best way to approach matters such as these, is for us to ask for you to post where you are having problems with YOUR CODE. Then we can add, modify, or correct what you have ALREADY DONE!

We cannot provide a turn key solutions such as this for free, but we will be more than happy to help if you are stuck!

Here is my suggestion: Open a workbook. Start to record a macro. Do the function you wish to perform. Stop the recording. Then open and look at the macro and make changes based on what part of the macro fails!

Give that a try. If you need help unlocking the macros, let us know that.