Continuous beeping while starting my computer...

 rinku -
Hello, when i starts my is continously beeping..the screen is black.. but the CPU fan is running..plz help!

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OK, hang in there. The beeping is actually a code. Count how many times it beeps. LEt us know what type of computer it is, and how many beeps and we will tell you it is the motherboard, the memory, or the PS!
It's continuously beeping.. Like for 1 minute..then it its happening again... Continously beeping.. My laptop model is hp pavilion dv6, 4gb RAM 1gb graphics
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Is there a key stuck?
I don't know... But after pressing ENTER key fr continously the laptop is starting.. Now it's slow processing n some of the keys are nt working..
Is there a major problem..or any need to contact the service center or any computer repair store..actually i dont know much about the computer hardware... Plz help guys