Dns_probe_finished can't browse the internet

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I have a Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop and I can't figure out why I can't browse anywhere, On my google Chrome browser it says "dns_probe_finished_no_internet" and then on my Internet Explorer it says "No Internet connection" When I really am connected to my wifi, I get wifi from my cable company so I get a strong connection. But it's not just my browsers, anything that needs the internet won't work either for example, I can't play the Sims 4, Origin doesn't work and even the Online Windows Helper won't work. I downloaded Mozilla Fox from the disc that came with my computer when I purchased it and I still couldn't browse on that one either, I have malwarebytes downloaded on my laptop and it didnt detect anything dangerous or harmful on my computer. I have tried many of the command prompt commands that I have seen written as a solution here on this website and those didn't work at all, for the time being I have been using my mother's computer and her computer is working perfectly fine and I can't understand why mine can't browse anything. My last solution was a system restore but that one wasn't successful, can somebody pls help me with this, it has been driving me crazy the past few weeks?!??!

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OK when you pull an IP address what do you get? Have you contacted your ISP for assistance?
When I try to ping an address, it doesn't seem to know what it is. For example, I typed in ping www.google.com and for some reason it didn't know what the website was I even did it in numerical form and it still didn't know it. No I haven't contacted my isp for assistance yet
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What is your IP? A ping is worthless if you have an ip address of 169.x.x.x UNderstand, the DNS is what changes the GOOGLE to an IP.
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My ip is
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Ok, now get IPCONFIG /all. Let us know what the DNS IP is, please?
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You can also try this:

go to START and Run and type in the following commands:
cmd (enter)

c:\netsh winsock reset (enter)

remember restart your computer